You Know May Name

Heavenly Father.

Surely you know my name. You created the stars. You put them into place and called each of them by name. Not a single one is missing because of your great power and incomparable strength. And yet you know my name. Selah.

To whom can we compare the Lord? He clears ways through the wilderness. He makes straight highways through the wasteland. Clear the path for the Lord! He will surely come to our rescue. He will rescue us from the wrath of our enemies. Many are they! But God you are more than they! They are like giants to us. But just mere grasshoppers to you.

No one can compare to your strength and might. No one! Reveal your glory all across our land. We declare it! Let the glory of the Lord rise up in America. Rise up! Oh Glorious One. We shout it from the mountaintops that our God reigns in glorious splendor. We shout it louder! Our God reigns! We shout it out! We do not need to be afraid.

The Sovereign Lord is coming with power. He will rule with a powerful arm. He will knock our enemies flat. Flat to the ground like pancakes. We skip over the top of them in delight. Oh yes we do! They are of no consequence compared to Almighty God. There is no plan, weapon or assault that can displace the Lord and his will for America. There is no strategy that can outsmart the Lord with his strong right hand on this President.

There is no plague, plan or plot that can get the best of God. We say! Be flat covid19. Flat to the ground like the rest of our enemies. We skip over and around your crowned ugly head. And we declare that you are defeated! Yes! You have been defeated. You are defeated. You will be defeated. We declare covid19 to be null and void. Dead as a doornail. Swept out with the dirt and dust and under our feet! We say so because our God reigns and our God rules.

In Jesus mighty name. We declare healing. By his stripes we are healed!

In Jesus mighty name. We declare this panic insanity to calm. Peace be still!

In Jesus mighty name. Fear you must leave. Faith rise up!

In Jesus mighty name. Fear mongering must stop. Be silenced!

In Jesus mighty name. Deception cease and desist. Truth rise up!

We declare! Oh Glorious Lord. You are greater. None can compare. Creator of the vast universe. Creator of the starry heavens. And yet. You know my name. Selah.