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You Have Done Wonderful Things

Abba Father.

We come to you for protection. You’re our secure shelter. Don’t let us be disgraced. Save us and rescue us. You always do what is right. Your righteousness outshines the sun. Turn your ear toward us as we cry out for America and her President. Give the order to save us. Send down your legions of angels from on high. And rescue us from the power of the wicked roaming are city streets and invading our city halls and governments.

Merciful God. You alone are our help. You have been our strength and protection. You have protected this Nation for 200+ years. Protect us in the years to come. Protect us over this July 4th weekend as we celebrate our freedom. Protect America, the President and Mount Rushmore. Silence and stun these tyrants to stone with your paralyzing gaze. We thank you in advance for protection.

We confess that we have been a faithless generation. Your house has set in ruins while we have built our own. We have been lax. We have been wallowing in our blessing and neglecting your house. Forgive us individually. Forgive us as a Nation and as the Church. Our success is because of you. Our prosperity is because of you. Turn the eyes of this nation back to you. It’s all because of you.

Turn your gaze back upon us. Oh Holy One. We are looking at you. We are listening to you. Your voice. Your way. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. We cannot stop praising you. We declare your glory all day long. We declare your glory upon America and the Nations even as our enemies are whispering against us. They plot to destroy us. Bring disgrace and utter destruction on our accusers. Humiliate and shame those who want to harm us. Bring them to an end quickly. For the sake of the glory of your name.

Merciful One. We humbly keep coming back to you. We go down the path following your holy footsteps. It’s your way. It’s your will. It’s your Word. Don’t abandon us now! Oh Lord. We come with so many years behind us. Give us grace to demonstrate your mighty miracles to the next generation. You alone can do this wonderful thing! Let us proclaim your mighty power to those who come after us. We will sing of the mercies of the Lord to this younger generation.

We have suffered much this year. All across the board. We declare! You will restore us to life. You are the restorer of the breach! Oh yes! You will lift us up from the depths of this sudden destruction. Be lifted up oh ye gates. So the King of Glory can enter in! Oh yes! You will rescue us from these deliberate attacks. You are the mighty conqueror. Oh yes! You will restore us from depths of despair. You are the restorer of all things. Oh yes! You will revive us from the dust of death. You are the river of life giving waters and will quench our thirst! We say yes Lord!

We will shout your praises. We will sing for joy at your wondrous deeds and for your redeeming power. Hallelujah! You have ransomed us from the grave. You will comfort. You will restore life. Who can even compare to you, Most Holy God? Selah.

In Jesus name. Amen.



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