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You Are Near

Gracious Father.

You know all about us. You know every movement of our heart and soul. You understand all of our thoughts and all of our ways. You know when we laugh and when we cry. You see us in our comings and goings. You understand all of our ways. We are thankful for your watchful eye.

Oh Lord Most High. Ruler of it all. Watch over our Nation tonight. Watch over the cities besieged by these anarchists. Protect innocent lives and properties from harm and destruction. Protect the police officers and federal officers. Oh Lord of the Angel Armies. We call down your mighty angels of protection to surround our cities and streets. In Jesus mighty name. We declare divine wisdom over our President to deal with these riots. We declare mayors and governors to stand up for their citizens rather than the anarchy in the streets.

In the name of Jesus. We declare peace to reign! We declare the chaos turn to calm! We declare faith to rise up over fear! We declare a mighty move of God across this Nation and the Nations of the earth. Rise up! Oh Mighty God! Full of grace and glory. Rise up! Rise up and show yourself mighty on our behalf. Bring salvation. Bring healing. Bring revival. Bring restoration.

Watch over your church as she struggles through this crisis. We declare strength and courage over her. Help her to stand up for the truth. To stand up and defend the faith. These are perilous, turbulent times. The church rocks and reels from the pressure. Strength come! Courage come!

Oh Lord. Give your church discernment. Like the Sons of Issachar to discern the times. We are the moral compass of society. If we lie down in the face of adversity our Nation has no chance of surviving this storm. In the name of Jesus. We declare strength over the body. Strength and courage! Over pastors. Over congregations. Let the Bride of Christ rise up victorious in battle!

Gracious Father. Keep your presence close. Watch over our hearts and minds. We look into your loving face. Draw us into your loving arms. Comfort the heartbroken. Strengthen the feeble hands and weak knees. Empower us with your strength. Send us your presence. Oh! How we need it. We sense you. We feel you. We know that you are near.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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How comforting to know you are with us and will never leave us nor forsake us! Father we need you now, please hover over our country, deliver us from evil and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.

Lord help us.

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