Why not to get the “jab”.

To jab or not to jab. That is the question. It’s not for me. I’m a “not to jab” kind of person.

But this is America and we should all be free to choose. That’s what is so frustrating about this entire covid debacle. They want to take away our freedom and “force us” to take the jab.

They are doing it with lies and deception. We are awake and aware and we say no! We have the right to choose. My body. My choice.

Here is an article with 18 reasons why not to take the experimental “jab.” It’s a great resource with lots of good information in one place.

We should all do our own research and pray for discernment. Very important. Discernment, that is!

These are perilous times and Big Pharma is not our friend. It’s all about the money. As Lin Wood constantly reminds everyone - Follow the money!

Click HERE for the article.

Do your homework. Don’t take their word for it. Don’t accept their false statements and deception. Look for truth and you will find it!

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