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Where to Walk

Abba Father.

Blessed be your Word this morning. It is hope and life. It is bread for our mouths and marrow to our bones. It fills us up when we are empty. Thank you for your Word. Selah.

Hear our prayer, O Lord! Listen to our plea! Answer us because you are faithful and righteous. Our enemy has chased us. He has knocked us to the ground. They try to force us to live in darkness like those in the grave. They cover our mouths and shout in our faces. They push us down and try to suppress us. They lay in wait in the darkness to pounce.

But we lift our hearts and our hands up in prayer. And we ask you to come quickly. Come! O Lord! Come and swipe away our enemies. Rescue us! Like you rescued the Israelites running from the Egyptians. Show yourself great! Show yourself mighty! Show yourself and loom over our enemies and cause them to shrink in fear.

You have given us great and mighty shelter. Shelter us from this storm. Shelter America and the President. Shelter the innocent people. Shelter business and property. Raise a mighty standard against the floodgates opened by the enemy. Raise your sword and shield and dare the enemy to approach. You are God! He cannot prevail against you! The Almighty One!

Raise a mighty shield around our police officers. Protect their bodies from harm. Protect their minds. O Lord. There are being assaulted in body and spirit. Raise up a hedge of protection over their minds against depression, hopelessness and loneliness. Shield their minds. Send your presence before them. They are not alone! We stand strong and united behind them.

We declare the unfailing love of the Lord over America today. Oh yes! Let your Spirit swirl among us. Show us what to do. Show us how to do it. Turn our hearts toward you. Blow mighty breath of God all across America. Bring revival and restoration. Bring salvation and healing. We give ourselves to you.

Show us your will and your way. Let your gracious Spirit lead us forward. You are God and God alone. We cling to this truth. It puts a spring in our step. It puts joy in our hearts. It’s all for the glory of your name. Oh yes! It’s all for the glory of your holy name. Show up and show out. Show yourself famous among us!

We declare your Words of life. You will preserve our life in America! Because of your unfailing faithfulness you will bring us out of this distress. It all seems to consume us. But you! O Lord of All! It is by you and you alone that we will not be consumed.

In your unfailing love, come and silence our enemies and destroy all our foes. We are your servants. We wait on you and we trust in you. We are yours. Show us where to walk.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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