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We Will Not Fear

Heavenly Father.

We look straight to your face. Eye to eye. Face to face. We breathe your breath. Your life giving breath. Your life giving flow. Breathe new life into us. Blow the wind of your spirit over us tonight. Selah.

Oh Lord. Give us eyes to see only you! Give us tunnel vision. And it’s you at the end of the tunnel. We will NOT be distracted by the news around us. We will NOT be disarmed by the forces of evil. We will NOT be disillusioned by the false prophets of media or corrupt politicians. We will NOT be deceived by the lies of our enemies. We will NOT descend down to the depths of despair. Oh no! We. Will. Not.

We will dance all around the camp of the enemy with truth on our lips and a song in our heart!

With the authority of the Lord! We will NOT fear the spewing anarchists. They are defeated. We will NOT fear this upcoming election. We declare across the land moral and righteous victories. We will NOT fear the loss of America. We declare her to be a sovereign Nation under God. We will NOT fear covid19. We declare this virus decimated and debunked. We will NOT fear economic loss. We declare blessing and favor upon the people. We will NOT fear the future.

Oh no! We. Will. Not.

We declare the future to be in your amazing and capable hands. The future of America. The future of Israel and the Nations.

We have not been given a spirit of fear! No no no! We have been given power! We have been given Holy Ghost devil fighting, devil defeating power. Oh! Yes we have! Dunamis power! You have given us the ability to chase the demons and send them to flight. You are the force behind us and within us. We will not be dismayed!

We are persuaded that you are fully able to keep that which we have committed to you. Yes you are!

We declare! Common sense to rise up over America. Oh Lord. Bring back common sense. Let it rise up over the insanity that reigns everywhere. You have given us a sound mind. A sound mind. A sound mind. We will NOT be swayed by the riptides washing over us. We will stand firmly planted. Firmly rooted. Thinking on that which is good. That which is pure and noble. That which is a good report.

Even though the storm may rage around us. The winds may blow and howl. The waves may crash and roar. The rain may soak us. The hail may plummet and try to beat us down. Thunder may roll and the lightning may strike. But you! Oh Lord! You will cover us with your wings and shelter us from the storm. We will stand firmly rooted and grounded on the solid rock Christ Jesus.

When the world all around is sinking sand. We remain. We stand sure footed on the promises of God. We will stand with boldness and courage. Yes! We will stand with the authority of the Lord. We declare! We will not fear.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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