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We will not be silenced.


Ruler. Creator. Warrior. Mighty King. Unstoppable God. Merciful Father. What a Mighty God you are. We stand in awe of you. We bow before you. We honor you and adore you. You alone deserve our praise.

We lift our voices in prayer and praise to you. We will not be silenced. We will not be afraid. We will stand our ground and declare defeat over the enemies of America. We declare victory over President Trump. We declare his appointed time will remain and the enemy’s plan will be obliterated. We declare safety over our President and no harm will come nigh him, his family or his dwelling place.

We declare these fraudulent and treasonous attacks on this Nation will be revealed to the people. We declare the truth will rise to the top and the wicked will be sequestered to the pits below. In Jesus name. We declare not one perpetrator will escape. We declare that ALL wicked acts be exposed. We declare those hiding silently in the darkness will be exposed by the light of the Lord. They will be apprehended, judged, charged and punished for their treason against America and the people.

We declare boldness, courage and integrity to rise up in the State Legislatures. We declare the courts to move and hear these cases swiftly. We declare they will rule with honesty and integrity. We declare that the Trump Legal Teams will present their case with flawless execution. We declare the Angel Armies will surround them at all times. We declare truth and justice will prevail over the 2020 election. And we declare utter defeat and annihilation over the enemy. What he has stolen - WE TAKE IT BACK!

We rise up as the Ekklesia. The governing spiritual body in the earth. We rise up and declare these fruits of unrighteousness will die on the vine. In the name of Jesus! You MUST die and shrivel up. You will NOT prosper. You enemies and strongholds will not grow your socialism, marxism, fascism, communism or nazism in this Nation. You must leave! We declare with the authority of the Lord that you are dismissed, disengaged and dismantled. Be gone! Never never never to rise again on our shores. In Jesus name.

We declare to the enemies of America. We will rule and reign. We will not bow to your controlling manipulative spirit. We will not bend our ears to listen to your lies and deception. But we will stand on the Word of the Lord and declare the victory is ours. We will gather together and shout it from the rooftops that OUR GOD REIGNS in America!

In Jesus name. So be it!

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