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We wait for You!


Here we are. Again. Hear our passion filled prayers as we cry out for America! You never tire of our prayers. You never turn a deaf ear to our voices. And Jesus you never cease to intercede to the Father on our behalf. What good news!

Oh! God our King. Full of glory and majesty. You are always attuned for us. Hear our cries and consider our words. We call out to you every sunrise and you hear our voice. We lay out our sacrifice of prayer and wait for your fire to fall upon our hearts. To light the fire of your presence among us. To light the fire of your anointing to speak through us to a confused, lost and dying generation.

Oh Father. We know that you despise the lawlessness that has invaded us. Trod them down! Trod them down! Trod them down! Overtake them with the wind of your spirit. You despise these boasters of evil and perversion. You have no use for liars. You have no place for them. These authors of deception. Their words are but fodder in a trough. Protect our ears from their caustic attacks.

We declare! Surely they will collapse under your scrutiny. Your gaze alone will cause them to stumble and fall. Those who lie will wilt under your gaze. Wilt them like flowers in the hot sun. Oh Lord Most High! Hypocrisy, falsehoods and violence have no place in your courts. Let their own schemes be their downfall as they wallow in their guilt and shame.

We declare! Those with destruction in their hearts against President Trump will collapse under the weight and guilt of their own sins. Those set out to destroy America will be pursued and overtaken by their own folly. We will rise above these misfits. Full of misguided thoughts and actions. We declare them null and void and of no consequence in the end.

Though we suffer these afflictions for the present. We know! Oh! Yes we do! That when it’s all said and done. We are the Bride of Christ! The church will be alive and well. God the Father is still on the throne. Jesus is still seated by his side. The enemy is defeated. We will rise to heaven! End of story. We win!

So Yahweh! Hear our humble cries to you as we daily pour out our requests and petitions over America. Heal her. Save her. Restore her. We call out to you. We occupy until you come. We wait for you.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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