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We Stand!

Jehovah Nissi.

This is what we do! We stand up in the face of the enemy. We build an altar of prayer. We stand on the Word of the Lord. We quote the Word of the Lord. We believe the Word of the Lord.

We sound the battle alarm! And we will stand. We will not bend. We will not bow. We will not burn! We will be delivered by the hand of the Lord from our enemies. We declare it! Just like the three Hebrew children. We will come out of the fiery furnace and we will not even smell like smoke!

We declare the Word of the Lord over our enemies. You are a defeated foe. The Lord is at war with you! He fights with us. He is on our side. We declare it! Over every Marxist, socialist and anarchist. Over every corrupt politician and every corrupt media outlet. Over every person with a forked tongue speaking death and destruction over America, her people and her President. Almighty God. Shut the noxious mouth of the enemy!

Just like when Joshua held up the arms of Moses to defeat the fierce hostile Amalekites. We hold up each other’s arms. We link hearts, minds and spirits. We cry out together. We sound the alarm in Zion. We blow the holy trumpet of the Lord over this ungodly mess in our nation. We declare like Moses. GOD Is My Banner! We salute his rule. We salute his will. We salute his way.

And we declare what the Lord GOD told Joshua! I will most certainly wipe the very memory of Amalek off the face of the Earth. Oh yes! Wipe our enemies from the face of the earth. Wipe them out! Wipe them out! Wipe them out! We stand up in the gap with our gloves on. Picking up the slack for the woke churches that can’t even stand up in the face of a wet noodle. We cry out for the church of the living God. Stand UP! Stand UP! Stand UP!

We cry out for the soul of the church. For the soul of America. For the souls of our enemies who are hoodwinked by the devil. Blinded by deceit. Open the blinded eyes. Take off the blinders. Oh Lord GOD of Heaven! Come and clean the eyes and ears of this Nation. Make us whole. Make us clean. Make us pure.

We will not be afraid! We will stand up for the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will not be shaken. We will not bend. We will not bow.

So be it!

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