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We Run!

Father God.

We rejoice! We rejoice for your promises over us are yes and amen. We rejoice for your faithfulness in the morning. We rejoice for your fresh new mercies every day. We rejoice in your unfailing and unfaltering love. We rejoice in you today!

We press into you today. We press into the joy that you have given us. We need joy! In Jesus mighty name. We push back against the spirit of anxiety and anger. Against the spirit of racism and division. Against the spirit of depression. Against the spirit of fear. Against the spirit of hopelessness.

In Jesus mighty name. We push back against the spirit of the Antichrist. We push you back! We cast you out. We cast you down. We cast you away away away from America and the Nations. We cast you down to the pit where you will spend eternity. Be gone! In the almighty name of Jesus Christ. He is the Lord! He is the Christ!

We call forth the light of the Lord that brings forth joy, peace and harmony. We call forth the glory of the Lord that makes all things new. In Jesus mighty name. We call forth the salvation of the Lord for the lost and for the unloveable ones. We call forth healing for the sick. We call forth a new resolve and new strength and new courage over the American people. So be it!

We call forth resolve over our President and Vice President. Holy boldness come upon them. In Jesus name. Open their spiritual eyes and ears so they are not deceived. They will not be deceived! Godly wisdom prevail over them. Divine counsel come forth and overtake their words and thoughts. Divine protection rise up over them. Divine strength and fortitude. Lord Most High! Surround your chosen ones at all times in all ways.

We say! Rise up spirit of God among your people and give them strength! Give them resolve. Give them power. Give them focus. We cast our eyes upon you. We cast our cares upon you. We press into your spirit. We run this race towards you. We turn from idleness. We turn from our wicked and selfish ways. We turn from the foolishness of the world. We turn from carnality. We turn from idols that take our eyes off of you. We make you the center of our thoughts and affections. You! And you alone!

Oh Lord. We make you the goal in this kingdom race. We run with passion into your presence. We dance in your fields of abundance. Even in the midst of turmoil and trials along the course. We dodge the obstacles and head straight to you. We set our hearts on you. We set our eyes straight ahead. We set our feet on the straight and narrow. We sing songs of deliverance along the path. We lift our hands in victory. We run with all of our might straight into your arms.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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