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We Raise A Hallelujah!

Heavenly Father.

Hallelujah! I cannot escape raising a hallelujah tonight. Just like Elijah and the prophets of Baal. He flooded the altar and flooded it again and again. We flood the heavenly airwaves with our hallelujahs! Again and again. Right in the middle of the mess. Right in the middle of tyranny and destruction. Right in the middle of terror. Right in the middle of confusion, anger and rage. We stand up. And we raise a hallelujah. You are for us!

We raise a hallelujah because we do not have to fear! Just like the Psalmist. When he walked through the valley of death. King David said I will fear no evil. We say! We will not fear you enemy or your cohorts in crime. We will not fear the coronavirus. We will not fear the corruption that is rampant all over the world! Rampant in police precincts. Rampant in government. Rampant in the courts. Rampant in the news.

We will not fear the fear mongers. Instead! Oh! Blessed be the name of the Lord who always causes us to triumph. We will shout with a loud voice! Hallelujah! We will open our mouths and tell of the goodness of the Lord. Right in the face of the calamities that surround us. We raise a hallelujah. You are for us!

We will roar our praise louder and higher and higher! You! Oh Holy One! You are enthroned in our praises. We will cry out to you and be saved. We trust you and we will not be disgraced. We wield our weapon of praise over our enemies. Our enemies will turn tail and run with disgrace written on their backs. In Jesus name. So be it!

We raise a hallelujah over these riots and tyranny. We raise our praise as weapon. Just like when Judah went out before the battle singing their songs of victory. We ROAR over America tonight! Peace! Peace! Peace! In Jesus name we plead the blood. Bring peace over America tonight. Peace in every city where protests are ramping up. We declare peace in Washington DC. Peace flood flood flood like a river. Peace where there is anger and rage. Peace peace and more peace. We sound the alarm that peace will reign in the hearts of people. We say! Peace reign in the mighty name of Jesus. The one who is the Prince of Peace. Reign down your peace!

Almighty Lord in Heaven. Who dares accuse us? Who dares to condemn us! No one. Can anything or anyone separate us from the love of Christ Jesus? If we are persecuted or threatened with death. If we have trouble or calamity. If we are hungry, or destitute or in danger. If we are in crisis and chaos. Despite all of these things. The overwhelming victory is ours! President Trump will be victorious. America will be victorious. Our economy will be victorious. The church will be victorious. Yes! It will be an overwhelming victory. We raise a hallelujah!

In Jesus name. Amen.


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