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We Are Victorious!

Heavenly Father.

We need wisdom. We need discernment. It needs to rush through our city streets. It needs to be stirred up in city halls. It needs to overflow in our government. We need wisdom in our schools and universities. Wisdom empowers us. Wisdom pushes us to choose what is right. What is just. What is fair.

We declare divine wisdom over President Trump and Vice President Pence. Help them to live in obedient devotion to you. Give them discernment in their spirits. We declare wisdom, integrity and insight over them. That they will not succumb to peer pressure from within or without. Give them wisdom in every national and international decision. Increase their faith in You. Faith! Oh Lord will give them the victory!

We declare these same things over the House and the Senate. Wisdom, truth and integrity. Rise up! Oh Merciful Father! Remove the evil that abounds in Washington DC. Remove the swirling winds of adversity plaguing our government. Remove socialist agendas. Remove power hungry politicians. Remove control freaks. Remove liars and crooks. Oh yes! Remove them all and send them packing down the road.

We declare victory in the 2020 elections. We call forth the righteous to vote their faith based beliefs. Oh Lord! How we need to vote our moral conscious and biblical values. We call forth the church to vote! Yes! It is time rise up and make our voices known in the polls! We call out the voters to rise and shine for righteous, moral senators and congressman.

We call forth victory in House races. We call forth victory in Senate races. Mayoral and Governor races. City councils and judges. We declare a victory is in the making! We cry out for a landslide of moral and righteous politicians. We come against voter fraud. We declare these fraudulent attempts will fail. You will not be successful. Any attempts made will fall apart at the seams. We decree that these things are already done! We thank you in advance for the victory!

We declare victory over America. Oh Lord! We can believe all day long that President Trump will be elected. But! What if there is no America as we know it for him to govern? What if? Therefore. All Powerful Lord. We must! We must continue to cry out for your strong hand to rise up against in America. We stand united in faith on the Wordnof God.

Rise up over this insurrection. Raise your righteous strong arm against those trying to kill the economy. Against the devil. The great adversary. Still trying to push the American people down down down. Trying to push us to our knees. We say No! By the power of the Lord Most High. We say again! No! We will not bend. We will not bow. We will rise again! We declare these things to be truth!

Rise up! Oh Spirit of the Living God. Fall fresh on America. Heal our wounds. Heal our land. We cry out for America. Be merciful to use. Be gracious to us. Cause your face to shine on us once again. Heal our land. Give the American people the wisdom to know the truth. Give us eyes to see and ears to hear. Shine your light in the face of this great deception that is raging in our streets. It is an evil ploy straight from hell. A ploy to divide and conquer! We say No! We will unite. We are Americans!

Oh! Righteous Lord. Strip the cynical scorners who fight the facts with fiction. Strip their words from them. Cause them to spit and sputter. All of them! From the propaganda media to the socialist politicians to the anarchists running rampant in our streets. Strip them bare of their fangs and foul words. Shut the mouths of our enemies!

Let the voice of wisdom prevail across America. Increase our faith so we can live in victory!

In Jesus name. Amen.


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