Victory is ours America!

Gracious Father.

Let us hear your voice in the quiet of the morning. Shut out all the other voices. Let your voice alone ring loud and clear. We shut out all the clutter and clanging around us. We need to hear from you. We need your choice words. We don’t need reports. We don’t need opinions or editorials. We don’t more messages or chats. Videos or groups. Zooms or Skypes. We need to hear your voice.

Speak to America. Speak to our President and Vice President. Speak to legislators and judges. Speak to police officers. Speak to rioters and looters. Speak to peaceful protestors. Speak to moms and dads and kids. Oh Lord. Speak to them. Speak to us. Speak to your church. Speak life over this Nation and over this people. Speak, oh Lord. We are listening. Let everyone hear the voice of the Lord. The sound of many waters. Rushing rushing rushing.

We say! Who can compare to you? Who else rescues the helpless from the strong? Who else protects the helpless and poor from those who steal from them? We are attacked by people we don’t even know. Blamed for things we haven’t even done. They mock. They slander. They snarl. Whatever we do or say means nothing. We stand before you like King David. And we ask. Who else can save us? We need our strong God.

Who else but the Lord can rise up and oppose them? Who else but the Lord will fight against those who fight against us? Bring shame upon them. Disgrace them. Make their path dark and slippery. With the mighty angel of the Lord pursuing them. Yes! Sword in hand. The Angel sounds the trumpet blast in hot pursuit! The Lord rescues. The Lord saves. The Lord delivers.

Abba Father. You know all about this. You have seen the division the enemy continues to stir up. His cauldron is boiling over. Spilling out anger and hatred. Fear and rage. America and the world need you. Oh! El Elyon. You! Most High God. Split the cauldron open. Empty it out. Hold the enemy at bay! Hold the enemy at bay. Hold the enemy at bay! With your strong arm and your eyes like fire and feet like brass. Raise up your holy standard before his face.

Give us our footing back. Lord God. Give America her footing. Steady us. Steady us. Steady us. America! Rise up! You are not defeated. The enemy slinks and slithers around. We stand up over him. We rise above him. And with the authority of the Lord. We declare! Enemy! You’re a liar. And the father of all the lies floating around us. We will not bend. We will not bow. To your lies. To your idle threats. To your cohorts.

We will stand up and declare! We are proud to be Americans! We sing the National Anthem. We salute our military. We salute our veterans. We stand up for our flag. We stand up for our freedom. We stand up for justice. We stand up for our heritage. We stand up for our children’s sake. We stand up and declare the goodness and the glory of the Lord over America!

Lord God. Strengthen our resolve today all across America. Steady our feet while we wait for you to deliver us. Surely! You Oh Lord will deliver us. Wake up! Oh Mighty One! Wake up and rise to our defense. Pick up your sword. Your shield and javelin. Rise up on your majestic clouds of glory.

Stand up in our midst while we put on our garments of praise. Shout with your thunderous voice for all to hear. “I will give you the victory!”

So be it!