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Regenerate Us

Almighty Father.

Have mercy on us. Because of your unfailing love. Because of your great compassion. Blot out the stain of our sins. The sins of America. The sins of the church. Wash us clean from our guilt.

Regenerate us! Oh God. Send us a surge of your power and jolt us back to life. Regenerate America. Regenerate our President and Vice President and their Administration. Give us a jolt in the economy. Give us a jolt of victory in the upcoming election. Jolt the people awake to get out and vote! Rid them of their excuses for not voting.

Shake shake shake the chains of fear and complacency off the American people. Shake off the chains of hopelessness. All is not lost! We declare! The Lord is on our side. The side for justice, integrity, morality and righteous laws and living. Jolt America back to life! Infuse us with your might and your power.

Regenerate honesty in our land. We are overtaken with blatant dishonesty. In Jesus name. We rebuke the dishonest politicians and officials. Shame. Shame be upon them for the loss of life and business. They use everything for their political gain. Everything! Including a pandemic that is so overblown at this point it’s mind boggling. Statistics do not add up to the absolute blatant fear mongering and over reach by the government. In Jesus name. We rebuke them. Their lies. Their hypocrisy. Remove their faces from before us. Be gone you evil doers!

Oh God in heaven! Open the eyes of the American people blinded and ruled by the Spirit of fear. Jolt them back to life. Regenerate faith across America. And in the church! Jesus help us! Wake up church! Put your faith in God not man! We have not been given the Spirit of Fear! We have been given faith. We have been given wisdom. They walk hand in hand. We declare it!

In Jesus name. Faith rise up! How we can we as the church stand up and fight demons and demonic strongholds when we are afraid of everything else? Oh God in Heaven. Give us courage and boldness. King Jesus! Help your church. The pastors. The people. Help them to lay down the slavery of fear and pickup the mantle of faith! We can’t be watchman on the wall if we stand in fear. We must stand in faith!

In Jesus name. We rebuke antifa and black lives matters for their demonic dishonesty. In Jesus name. We cast down down down this demonic stronghold taken over the youth of this country. Come and rescue these youth blinded and deceived. Save them. We declare a Jesus Revolution to overtake this insurrection across our land!

Lord of the Angel Armies! Continue to go before Sean Feucht and his team holding revivals across the land. Fighting off satanic attacks and the worshippers kept singing. We give you praise for this! What a testimony. What an absolute demonstration of the power of God while worshippers gathered in your name. Pushing back the darkness. Standing up in the face of the enemy. Fighting the gates of hell.

And churches across America are closed in fear while revival breaks out in the streets. Our hearts are grieved. Nevertheless. A remnant is rising. We see it happening. Rise up! Rise up Judah! Our hearts are glad.

Oh God. Regenerate us. Create clean hearts in us. Give us steadfast spirits. Restore our faith. Make us bold.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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