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Out of the Darkness

Heavenly Father.

We declare the goodness of the Lord. We declare his unending love. We rejoice with inexplicable joy because you are good. You have saved us and set us free. The holy angels stand and stare in wonder at us. We are something else! We are a royal priesthood living as temporary residents here on this volatile planet called earth.

Oh Lord! Seated high up above. Look at us down below. We are surrounded by strife. People are tumbling and stumbling all over the place. Violence spills out in our streets. Violent unprovoked attacks continue in our cities. Against innocent citizens and against our police officers. Against journalists who dare to tell the truth. Against anyone who speaks a different opinion. Against anyone who doesn’t agree with socialism or anarchy.

In Jesus mighty name. We call forth the chariots of fire to come and surround our cities and streets. Protect the innocent and those standing up for truth and justice. We are appalled by the utter disregard for human life and property. Protect their bodies and minds and spirits. Protect families, homes and business. Protect those just trying to do their jobs. Protect our freedoms. There is so much at stake. We know we cannot do this on our own. Oh! How we need you! Send your warring angels down to us. Surround us. Protect us.

Oh Lord God! Creator of the heavens and the earth. Come and create a genesis moment over America. Speak to the darkness and cause light to come forth. Just one word from you and it must flee. It must flee! Speak! Oh Lord. Speak over America! Shine your cleansing light to troubled hearts and minds. Shine your light of salvation in our city halls and government buildings.

Oh! Voice of the Lord. Come and thunder! Thunder over the loud voices shouting out ignorant foolish accusations. Thunder over the continuous onslaught of lies and false accusations against President Trump. Thunder over the evil and vile behavior. Thunder over hypocrisy, deceit and jealousy. Thunder over all the evil speech. We say! Silence! Silence them with your thundering voice. Cause them to shake and quake and tremble at the sound of you thundering across the heavens.

In Jesus name. We declare! In spite of it all. In spite of constant impeachment efforts. In spite of covid19. In spite of story after story and book after book. In spite of every single allegation against this President. We stand on your unfailing Word and declare victory in this upcoming election. We declare a landslide victory. An unparalleled victory. A victory where you alone will receive all the glory! Because you alone are God. Because you alone are the one who can save us.

And while you’re at it. Oh Mighty God. Silence the continuous false reporting and false numbers for covid. Silence the deceitful words. Silence the constant confusion from the experts. We declare! In the mighty of Jesus. For the truth to rise to the top! For the doctors and nurses speaking out to be heard by people of influence. We bind the spirit of exaggeration. We bind it. We bind it. We bind it. In the mighty name of Jesus.

We rise up as your chosen people. We rise up as your royal priests. We rise up as your holy nation. We rise up and stand in the gap for America. We rise and shine your glorious light for all to see.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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