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“Awake, awake!

Put ON your strength, O Zion;

Put ON your beautiful garments,

O Jerusalem, the holy city!

For the uncircumcised and the unclean

Shall no longer come to you.”

SHAKE yourself from the dust,

ARISE; Sit in a place of honor, O Jerusalem!

LOOSE yourself from the bonds of your neck,

O captive daughter of Zion!

For thus says the LORD:

”You have sold yourselves for nothing,

And you shall be REDEEMED without money.”

For thus says the Lord GOD: “My people went down at first Into Egypt to dwell there; Then the Assyrian oppressed them without cause. Now therefore, what have I here,” says the LORD, “That My people are taken away for nothing? Those who rule over them Make them wail,” says the LORD, “And My name is BLASPHEMED continually EVERY day.

Therefore MY PEOPLE shall KNOW My name!

Therefore they shall know in that day

That I AM HE who speaks: ‘BEHOLD, IT IS I.’

How beautiful upon the mountains

Are the feet of him who brings good news,

Who proclaims peace,

Who brings glad tidings of good things,

Who proclaims salvation,

Who says to Zion, “YOUR GOD REIGNS!”

Your watchmen shall lift up their voices, With their voices they shall sing together; For they shall see eye to eye When the LORD BRINGS BACK ZION. Break forth into joy, sing together, You waste places of Jerusalem! For the LORD has COMFORTED His people, He has REDEEMED Jerusalem.”

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭52:1-9‬

O Hallelujah! We consume your WORD today. We consume it. We feed on it and it will fill us with nourishment for our weary souls. Our thirst will be quenched and we will be filled to overflowing from the well of living water that never runs dry. We will be filled with goodness, kindness, love, joy, peace and hope in our GREAT God. We will be filled with the knowledge that OUR GOD REIGNS! He is in complete complete complete control.

The LORD! He is in complete control of this impeachment that is a sham and a disgrace to our Constitution and a disgrace in the eyes of the American people.

The LORD! He is in complete control of his servant, President Donald J. Trump. The LORD is strong in battle and infinite in wisdom and the LORD knows the plan.

The LORD! He is in complete control of America. The heathen may rage and imagine vain, evil and despicable things. The heathen may be consumed by hate and blaspheme the LORD. They may blaspheme everything true, moral and righteous. But they will NOT defeat YAHWEH!

The LORD! Strong in battle. Mighty in power. He will go ahead of us and will protect us from behind. Have no fear ye people of the LORD! Have no fear! The LORD will STARTLE the nations and the kingdoms of this earth. Have no fear! Have no fear! Have no fear! OUR GOD REIGNS!

In Jesus name. So be it!

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Dawn Emma Boyd
Dawn Emma Boyd
Feb 13, 2021

Amen and AMEN! Our God REIGNS! Will be praying this tonight with our in Home Prayer group of nearly 30! Praise God!!!

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