Turn on the light!


Turn on the light! You are light and in you there is no darkness. The darkness can not overcome you. Darkness cannot extinguish the light. Darkness cannot comprehend the light. Darkness cannot even understand the light.

You! Oh Mighty One! You are pushing back the darkness. We join the fight and we push back. With the help of the strong arm of the Lord. We will push back, pull down and tear to pieces this darkness brooding over us. We will not give in to the insolence and intolerance of these loud mouthed tyrants. We pulverize their insulting words. We push back with the authority of the Lord. For the sake of our country. For the sake of the upcoming elections. For the sake of the church. For the sake of his glorious name. We. Push. Back.

Lord of the light. You are arm in arm with us as we push back this despicable darkness. Those who are against us can laugh. They can jeer. They can mock. They can condemn and criticize. They can sneer ugly words and make menacing faces. They can block and censor. They can scream and cry like babies. The enemy can threaten us. Taunt us and taint us. But of this one thing we are certain. The church will not be overcome. The gates of hell cannot and will not prevail against it. Oh! Hallelujah!

Merciful Jesus! This present generation is wandering in a dark valley of despondency and despair. They are frantic and fearless. They are so angry. Mobs of misguided youths. Lost and undone. In need of a Savior. Oh! Yeshua! Speak your words of hope and healing over this lost and undone generation. Come to the house, the hotel and the hostel and bring salvation. Yeshua! Come and minister. Come to seek. Come to save.

Come! Oh! Come to our city streets.

We declare that the all consuming fire of the Holy Spirit will come and rest upon the crowds. Come and dispel the hatred and rage. Rise up! Oh! Light of the World. Rise up! And shine your light in the darkened cities across our land. Turn on the light! Bring salvation to lost souls. Open the blinded eyes. Deposit joy joy joy in their hearts and minds. Anointing oil fall. Sweet Holy Spirit fall and wash away the anger.

Holy Spirit of God fall all across this nation. Fall on voters as they go to the polls. Move move move on the millions of Christians that don’t vote. Let biblical beliefs come to the forefront of this election. Holy Spirit fall on city council meetings. Fall on Senators and Representatives. Fall on President Trump and Vice President Pence. Fall on police officers. Fall on prisoners. We call forth a mighty outpouring of your Spirit across the Unites States of America. In the mighty name of Jesus. Fall on your church. Fall on the remnant. Fall fall fall.

You! Oh holy and mighty one. You are fighting for us. Pushing back the darkness. Come! Come and dispel this brooding darkness. Turn on the light all across the land!

In Jesus name. Amen.