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He Can Turn It All Around

Father God.

You are still on the throne. Still reigning supreme. Still in control. Still looking down at your creation. We are still on the earth. Looking up at you. Knowing you are in control even when everything down here is spiraling out of control.

Merciful Lord in Heaven. The covid cure has become worse than the covid curse. Suicides skyrocket. Depression, alcohol and drugs skyrocket. Criminals are let out of jail and business people put into jail. Everything is turned around! But you O Lord! You can turn it all back around.

Jesus! He turned the water into wine. Jesus! He turned the legion of demons from the man into the swine. You turned the stormy sea into calm water. O Jesus. Come and turn these warring anarchists into warring worshipers. Turn the riots into revivals. Take the hardened hearts of criminals and turn them into the fallow hearts of the redeemed. Turn the lying mouths of the media into lovers of your Word. Turn the corrupt politicians into Christ like followers. You are more than able to turn these around!

Turn the Trump haters into Trump lovers. Turn these conservative turn coats back around to put back on the right coat. Turn this 50 Day Siege planned for the White House around. Dry up their funds. Abolish their weapons. Tear up their plans and schemes. Cause their websites to crash and their phones to go dead. O Lord. Turn this evil plan around!

Turn around these demonic domestic terrorists and the wicked strongholds that have control over them. In Jesus name. We push them back through the gates of hell spinning to the abyss. We refuse to stand idly by while these anarchists roam these major city streets. We pierce the darkness with our cries for help! Come! Come and help us O Lord. We cry out over America. We call forth the Lord of the angel armies with his mighty warring angels and chariots of fire to swoop down and turn it around! Turn it around. Turn it around.

Turn our mourning into dancing. Turn our sadness into gladness. Turn our sickness into healing. Change the direction of this demonic upheaval. Turn it around with your holy and righteous guidance. They must do what you command. They must bow down! All across the face of the inhabited earth. Turn it around.

In Jesus name. So be it!

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