TRUTH revealed: CDC

Well. I just have to get it off my chest ... the covid that is. The hypocrisy, power, greed and control that has gone on with the covid is criminal. The hype, deception and lies are criminal. Yes, the covid is real and there are vulnerable people - the elderly, co-morbidities, etc. But to shut down this Nation for 2 weeks ... 2 months ... 7 months going on 8 ... is ludicrous.

Some states are still in lockdown. Small businesses have ruined. Dreams have been shattered. Lots of churches are still shutdown and won't open. Bowing to the government and this woke culture. Additions, abuse and suicide at all time highs. It is SHAMEFUL.

I have followed the covid stats for Tennessee and the entire Nation for months! These statistics in the photo have stayed about the same since the beginning of covid. And no one talks about it! No one except a few conservative talk show folks.

This has been the biggest HOAX in history. The American people have been DUPED and HOODWINKED. The majority follow blindly along scared stiff while being masked and muzzled up. Walking around like Frankenstein or zombies from one of those demonic walking around dead shows. Most don't talk but the will glare at the folks without a mask.

OK. I digress. The real reason for this post is to address fatality rates. Fatality rates for the covid. Straight from the CDC website. Anyone can look this up! Yes, fatality rates. You know the thing that no one will discuss. Who wants to talk about people dying. The media just throws up huge numbers to scare the living daylights out of people. Like no one ever dies in America? I'm not trying to be harsh. It's not that my heart aches for those who have lost loved ones. It's not that. It's the elephant. The covid elephant.

Yes. The proverbial elephant in the room that everyone ignores. The Fatality Rates. The media ignores it. The politicians ignore it. The health officials ignore it. Even the President (whom I just love) ignores it. He should be touting these fatality rates rather than touting tests. Just sayin'. The proverbial elephant that the death rates associated with the covid are miniscule. They have fear mongered the people to a state of panic believing that they WILL surely die if they get the covid.

Check out the numbers. The fatality rates do not even come close to even 1%. The biggest fatality rate is 0.093 for people over 70. We should all be out in the streets dancing a jig! Instead we are getting more and more and more testing. And then some more. And it will all be OK if we can just get more testing. And just get the super duper warp speed vaccines (not!).

And it's just a mask. And it's just social distancing. And it's just stay at home. And it's just arrest worshippers outside for singing to Jesus. And it's just taze a mother without a mask sitting outside with her children at a ball game. And it's just intimidation, control and indoctrination. That's what it just is.

The American people should be outraged. These numbers are in black and white on the CDC website and NOBODY NOBODY NOBODY talks about it. Wow. How many times do I have to hit my head on the wall over this. Geez Louise!

We must take action! Check out my Take A Stand page to see what actions you can take. Some of these things are VERY simple to do. You can sign up to some of these sites to stay informed. I even have PDFs you can print out and handout or leaving laying around for people to see.

There are lawsuits pending in lots and lots of states. People are standing up to this tyrannical government overreach. We need to band together and stand up for our rights! If we don't do something then nothing will change! It's up to us.

We the People are going to have to rise up and Take A Stand against this tyranny and government overreach.