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This is the Lord’s Day

Heavenly Father.

This is the day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice! This is the day of salvation. We will rejoice. This is the day of hope and healing. We will rejoice. This is a brand new day full of your unfailing love and unmerited mercy.

Yahweh! You are the hero that rescues us. We have seen you defeat our enemies over and over. You have protected America. You have protected President Trump and Vice President Pence. We have watched you do miraculous things. Things that only you could do. Things that only you could orchestrate. You are the maestro of the ages directing this nation. How we thank you this day. Oh! How we thank you.

You are good. Yes! You are good. We put our trust in you today. We have been hemmed in and surrounded by a host of enemies. It seems we have no way of escape from those with the megaphones and microphones of division, hatred and strife. They shout out lies of fear. They shout out confusion and chaos. They encourage despair and hopelessness.

But we know the tactics of the enemy and there is a day coming! Hallelujah! The right hand of The Lord will conquer valiantly. The right hand of the Lord will never fail. You are the Lord of all. You are the maker of all. You are the giver of life. You are the sustainer of life. Sustain us in this battle and usurp the plans of the enemy! Oh yes! Usurp every evil scheme in the making.

On this brand new day that you have made. We declare! Strength, boldness and courage to America. Wake up! Open your eyes and your mouths! We are not little lost sheep being led around by the nose. We stand up against this tyranny from within. In Jesus name. We rebuke the lies. We shred the deception. We tear off the shackles that have been placed on this nation. We tear them down! We are Americans! We are free! We are brave! It’s time to get loud!

We declare! Strength, boldness and courage to our President and Vice President. Surround them as a shield. We declare no weapon, scheme, plot or plan formed will prosper. We declare sieges and October surprises to be null and void. We declare satanic rites and incantations are covered by the blood of Jesus. And we plead the blood of Jesus over this President, Vice President and over America.

We declare! Strength, boldness and courage come upon the church and upon pastors. We declare! You are not little lost sheep fearing man more than fearing God. Lord have mercy on your church. We are the children of the Most High God. We are citizens of a kingdom whose builder and maker is God.

We don’t bend and bow to the whims of the world! We bow to God and his Holy Word. We are the church. We stand up straight, bind together and gather together! We pray. We sing. We worship. We praise. We fellowship and we shake hands! We declare the church to be the church!

This is the Lord’s day. We will sing of the goodness of the Lord. Fill our hearts with gladness, with joy and with glee. It is your day! We will rejoice.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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