The World Got Weird!

Yep. It’s a Weird World and it's weird everywhere you go and everywhere you look.

Disclaimer: You may be offended. You may laugh. You may cry. You may get mad. If you read on - do it at your own risk. I am not a doctor. I am not a preacher. I am not a magazine editor or a commercial maker. These are my humble opinions and observations in this crazy 2021 world. Don’t take my advice. I’m not giving it. Just listen to God and he will show you right from wrong and up from down. So here we go!

I have a new shirt that says: “Y’all ain’t right.” That about sums it up. Yep. Gay Chocolate Eggs, CDC Zombies, and the Masked Woke Church. Y’all ain’t right! They ain’t right. Plain and simple. They just ain’t right.

This isn’t wonderland. It’s weirderland. This current world that we are living in is not a wonder. It’s just plain weird. Flat out weird and very dark. At least wonderland is a story. A cartoon. A movie. We are living through a real life weird nightmare.

I saw all of these weird things in just one day which was yesterday. I’ll discuss each in no particular order. I’m not sure which one is the worst or the weirdest or the most disturbing. And they came from all different places. And I wasn’t looking for any of it. And I don’t EVER watch the lame stream spews - I mean mainstream news. None of them. I can’t even imagine what they are doing and saying. 🙄 I digress.

The Masked Woke Church

The woke church speaks again and suggests that we praise God for the gift of masks. Well, I can agree to praise God but certainly not for a mask, bandana, scarf or whatever else folks are wrapping on their faces. Who knew that walking around "bare faced" would be so divisive and offensive. It has gone on far too long!

I really have no words for this nonsense. Other than masks are demonic. They are used in satanic rituals. They are used for social conditioning. They are used to suppress women in other countries. The list goes on. They don’t work. They cause sickness. And “Y’all ain’t right” if you’re thankful for a face diaper or maski pad strapped to your face. And “y’all ain’t right” if you think that a non medical mask can stop a teeny tiny, teeny weeny virus droplet. They haven't in the past and just because CDC changed all the rules when the covid came ... well it should at least give us pause to consider their ulterior motive. More on the CDC below. It's not good.

Seductive Eggs.

I will never think the same about chocolate eggs. I can't even post the picture that goes along with this story it is so disgusting. So I'm posting this random picture of a chocolate egg to represent the Cadbury Egg. I won't even post the commercial photo or the link. And I won’t watch the video. You can just google it if you like. But I caution you to beware. So here's the chocolate scoop on Cadbury. They've caused quite a chocolate storm over this.

Cadbury Eggs decided to bring out a commercial with two gay men dancing and sharing a chocolate egg. Literally biting it at the same time and ending with a kiss. Aaack. This is real wholesome stuff for kids. Can't we just let Easter be Easter. Oh no! Can't do that. Easter is about Jesus. Or rather bunnies and candy and rabbits. Anyway, Mr. Potato is transphobic. Dr. Seuss is racist. And chocolate eggs are now seductive.

It’s a weird, dark chocolate world. It gets darker and darker just like this chocolate egg. I do love chocolate and will continue to eat chocolate. But probably not Cadbury Eggs.

The CDC Zombie Apocalypse

What do the CDC and Zombies have in common? Each other! Yep. The CDC offers “Zombie Preparedness.” They have teacher’s plans, a poster, a blog and a graphic novel. I shudder to think about it. Honestly! You can’t make this stuff up.

The CDC promotes this demonic stuff on their website and it’s for children. It’s beyond disturbing! It's no wonder they push demonic masks, social distancing and isolation. What do they know that the vast majority of people don't know?

Just click the photo and you'll end up in the CDC site. You can even google CDC Zombie Preparedness. It's actually there! I am totally serious! And people think we should listen to the CDC. No thanks.

HOW ABOUT SOME GOOD NEWS! Now then! I do have some good news that came in today. I want to end this little tirade on an upbeat note and take our minds off the weirdness that has engulfed the world. Drumroll please ..... The State of Arkansas has BANNED all abortions except for medical emergencies! Thank you LORD JESUS! Let's pray that other States will follow their lead and SAVE THE BABIES in America!

Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,

for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."

Matthew 19:14