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The Warrior!


We sing praises to your name. We give you praise. We give you glory. We give you honor. You have heard our cries and you are answering our prayers. Our eyes are seeing your GLORY manifest in the earth! O Hallelujah! You are a faithful Father!

“I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously; he has hurled both horse and rider into the sea. The Lord is my STRENGTH and my song; he has given me VICTORY. This is my God, and I will praise him - my father’s God, and I will exalt him!

“The Lord is a warrior! Yahweh is his name!

O hallelujah! He will cause us to be victorious. He will cause the cases to be won in the Supreme Court. He will send his courts down to reign in our earthly courts. We bind the purposes of heaven to earth. Holy Spirit loose yourself among us. We say! Lord let your kingdom come! Let your kingdom come! Let your kingdom come! Let the truth and justice of your kingdom courts prevail in the courts of man.

Your glorious right hand will prevail. Your strong right hand will SMASH our enemies. You are great and the greatness of your majesty will overthrow those who rise up against you. Come! Come and unleash your blazing fury and consume our enemies like straw. Consume these socialists and communists. Consume them. Obliterate them. Annihilate them from America. They cannot and will not steal this Nation, this election or our freedom!


We declare! The Lord has only just begun. We take this victory in the Supreme Court today and give you all the glory due your glorious name. We thank you! You are a warrior and you will fight our battles. Nothing nothing nothing is too hard for the Lord. When one door shuts. He opens another. When the way is desolate and barren. He turns it into life giving streams in the desert.

None can stand against you! None can compare to the Lord Most High! He will go before us and make every crooked path straight. He will take what is wrong and make it right. He will reign down righteousness like the morning sun. Our enemies will stagger and fall from the GLORY of the Lord and we will dance dance dance in victory.

These enemies that seek to plunder and consume us. Ho! They will be destroyed with the two edged Sword of the Lord. He will raise his right hand and cause the earth to swallow our enemies. Swallow every enemy of freedom! Swallow socialism, marxism and communism. You have NO PLACE in America. We rebuke you and your evil plans. In Jesus name.

We rebuke the back door deals made by criminal, crooked politicians in halls of darkness. We declare the Lord will shine the light of truth and EXPOSE every crooked politician involved with China. Expose the wicked! Expose this evil scheme of covid to cause us to bow down to your communistic ways. We rebuke you Satan! We send you back to the pit and we send the communists home. We kick the crooked politicians out and call forth the fury and wrath of the Lord down upon them for selling out this Nation and our President. Ho! None of you will succeed. You will not. You have been defeated.

We plead the blood of Jesus over America. We plead the blood of a Jesus over America. We plead the blood of Jesus over America. He is glorious in holiness and he is awesome in splendor. None can compare. He is the warrior’s warrior. Jesus! The mighty conqueror and soon coming King!

We declare that the terror and dread of the Lord will fall upon our enemies. The power of his righteous right arm will strike them down and make them lifeless as stone. We will walk over them, leave them behind and carry on the work of the Lord. We declare the great awakening is upon us. Oh yes! We are fully awake and engaged in the battle. Our eyes have beheld the glory of our God!

We will not bend. We will not bow. We will not give in, give up or give out. We will not concede. We will live and breathe in the freedom of the light of the Lord’s glory and grace.

In Jesus name. Amen


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