The Voice of the Lord


We long to hear your voice. The voice of the Lord. Your voice can get lost in all this ruckus going on around us. There are so many voices. Demanding our attention. Demanding our allegiance. Demanding us to listen. Demanding us to bow down. Demanding us to conform. We only need to hear one voice. Your voice.

All the earth hears your voice. It gives your name glory. Honor the Lord you heavenly beings. Honor him for his glory and strength. His name is worthy of honor. We worship him in the splendor of holiness. We worship him in spite of our circumstance. In spite of covid. In spite of corruption. In spite of the sad state of affairs over this nation. We do not cease to worship and lift up holy hands.

The voice of the Lord echoes above the sea. He says. It is mine! All mine! Nothing can change the fact. It is all mine! He echoes. You are mine! Nothing can change the fact that you are mine! Demons can howl and threaten. Evil can try to seduce you and scare you. But we are surrounded by the Son. Sent from heaven to earth to echo the voice of the Father. Jesus! Savior of the World come to us!

We are held up by his nail scarred hands. We are saved because of his sacrifice. We are healed by his stripes. We are consumed by his compassion. We are free because he was bound. We are alive because he died and rose again. Jesus never fails. He never loses a battle. Jesus stands triumphant on this side of the grave. And echoes to all of creation. I am here! And you are mine!

The glory of God thunders! What a mighty sound. He will thunder over our enemies. Over the enemies of America. He thunders! America is mine! The voice of the Lord is powerful. It is majestic. He will destroy our enemies with the very breath of his mouth. They must bow down to his majesty.

The voice of the Lord strikes like lightning. We declare! He will strike the enemies camp and consume their chaotic plans. They will not succeed against this nation or her President. They will not succeed in this upcoming election. Tyranny will not succeed in silencing the church. Covid will not succeed in silencing the church. The voice of the Lord echoes! The church is mine. She belongs to me!

The voice of the Lord will cause the wilderness to quake and shake. He will knock our enemies off their high horses. He will disarm them. He will silence them. He will cause them to skip a step and stumble. Oh yes! And we will leap and dance for joy as the voice of the Lord echoes though our land. Twisting and churning and moving. Making all things new. Creating in us clean hearts. Mouths to worship. Hands without wrath. Minds without fear and doubt.

The Lord rules! We bow before the one who is worthy. The Lord reigns! No one can remove him from the throne. The Lord gives his people strength! Those who wait, expect, look for and hope in him. They will gain new strength and power. The Lord calls out to the earth. Oh Lord! We listen for the echo of your voice!

In Jesus name. Amen.