The Lord Thunders

Heavenly Father.

How we love to sing to you! You have put a song in our heart. A lilt in our step. A praise on our lips. We will live to tell of your glorious power. Your majesty shines all around us. Your strength is mighty in the heavens. You! Oh Mighty One. You are awesome in the heavens and in the earth.

And who is man that you are even mindful of him? We are specks in the universe. We think we are so high and mighty. But You! You are the High and Mighty One! We exalt you! Oh yes! You save us over and over. You always rescue us. You will crush every enemy. You will shatter their strength. You will make their heads roll when they refuse to repent of their stubborn sinful ways.

Oh! Hear the voice of the Lord as he speaks judgement over you! You enemies of the Lord Most High and his kingdom. Rise up, Oh Holy One. Rise up and scatter your enemies. We say! Surely the Lord is on our side. Surely he will save us from our enemies. Surely he will take what is wrong and make it right. Surely goodness and mercy will follow us. Surely it will overtake us. Oh yes! The goodness of the Lord will chase us down!

We declare! You better run for your lives you enemies of Almighty God. When He rises from the throne and casts a glance your way. He will burn your wicked encampments with the fire in his eyes. He will swipe you from the earth with his strong right hand. His Word flies like a sword of truth to silence the lies of the enemy. There will be no place for you to hide. When our God rises up in fury against you! Oh yes! When he rises up on his feet and brings you to down down down to your knees.

Oh Mighty One. Bring your triumphant procession to our land! Strike these tyrants of socialism down. In Jesus name. We call forth an end to this ridiculous shutdown. And end to these ridiculous mandates. An end to the ridiculous tyranny running rampant in our land. And end to ridiculous control measures over the people. We say! No more! Almighty God is in control. Come and show yourself mighty among us!

Oh Sovereign Lord. Save us from the treacherous hands that are set out against America. They speak doom and gloom over the people. Over the President. Over the church. Silence this coup over this Nation and bring it to its knees. Oh Lord! Rebuke these proud lying boasters and pompous prognosticators of propaganda. Shred their plans. Shatter their evil dreams. Spill their venomous words to the ground. Splat their evil intentions flat. In the name of Jesus!

Oh God of Israel. Give power and strength to your church as we battle the forces of darkness. Show yourself mighty on our behalf. We look for your chariots of fire to come thundering through the heavens. We listen for the sound of your voice thundering down to the earth. Summon your might, Oh God. Come and display your powers in the heavens and in the earth!

In Jesus name. Amen.