The LORD says.

The LORD says!

Rebuild the roads and highways and byways so I can walk among my people. Clear away the rocks and the stones. Clear away the debris of FEAR! Clear away the covid worship and bowing down to its idols! Clear the way and return from captivity!

I have not called you to be masked, muzzled, marked or removed from one another. I have called you into the glorious breath of my freedom. I have called you into the depth of my love and my protection. I have called you to FOLLOW MY VOICE and not that of the gainsayers who deny truth for their own benefit.

The LORD says!

I will restore crushed spirits. I will restore those overcome with fear and complacency. I will restore those who would bend a knee to tyranny. I will lift you up. I will give you COURAGE! I will give you BOLDNESS! NOW is the time. THIS is the place. Right where you are. Right now! Lift your head weary sinner. Lift your head weary Christian.

I AM THE LORD. There is none above me. I AM in control. I AM the beginning and the end. I AM the first and the last. I AM Alpha and Omega. He who was and is and is to come!

The LORD says!

I will comfort the mourning. I will bring praise to your lips. I will bring peace to your souls. I will reach out to the lost and undone. I will save souls. I will reap a harvest in America. I will reap a harvest in the Nations.

I will DESTROY the stormy seas and restless waves seeking to drown your voices out! I will DESTROY the evil works of Molech who would harm the children. I will DESTROY the destroyer for the sake of the GLORY OF MY NAME! I will DESTROY their peace and will grant MY people perfect peace.

The LORD says!

I AM the LORD who heals you. I AM the LORD who sets you free. Lift your heads and rejoice. Lift your heads for I AM here. Lift your heads all ye saints and all ye sinners! Lift up the gates and let the KING OF GLORY enter in!

So be it! In Jesus name!