The Light Has Dawned

Heavenly Father.

The bright and shining one. You outshine the sun, the moon and the stars. Thank you that light is finally starting to dawn across America. Thank you that the economy has turned around and caught up with itself! What a miracle! Thank you for patriotic Americans standing up for their rights and fighting against this assault on our freedoms. Thank you for this President standing guard at the door for our civil and religious liberties. Bless him. Shield him. Protect him. Give him complete and overwhelming victory in November.

O Lord. Continue to move in the small business arena. All across this land. So many are being destroyed by these tyrannical mayors and governors refusing to open the cities. Or they are being destroyed by these ravenous anarchists bent on destroying this country. They have them in a vice grip. We rebuke them. We plead the blood of Jesus over small business in America. We plead the blood!

Move! O Mighty One move on behalf of small business across America and cause them to thrive. Unlock their doors and throw open the windows for business. Move on Main Street and cause success like Wall Street. We see corporations thriving. But we stand up and declare small business to thrive. Not survive but thrive! Recoup. Recover. Restore. In Jesus name.

Let your light dawn across this Nation over this upcoming election. Let the light of truth dawn on American people. Let the light of moral and righteous living dawn on the people. Let it dawn on the people they need to make some changes in how they vote. Let it dawn on the people that don’t vote that they actually need to get up and go vote. We declare! Wake up! Get up and go vote!

Let it dawn on the people that America is at stake. This is freedom versus socialism. This is morality versus immorality. This is letting babies live or letting babies die. This man and woman versus gender perversion. This is good versus evil. This is right versus wrong. This is light versus darkness. There is no middle ground.

O Lord! It is time to take a stand. It is time to hold the line. It is time for the church to rise up and be the church. We stand in the gap. We watch on the wall. We cry out when the breach appears. It is on our shoulders. So we step up to the plate and swing for all we are worth. We are swinging for the fence. We swing for nothing less than victory!

O Lord. Continue to open the minds of the people to see the truth. Continue to let the truth be known. Continue to let your light dawn across America. Thank you Lord. Thank you that light is shining in the darkness.

In Jesus name. Amen.