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The Great Defender


The only God of incredible power and might. Sovereign over all. The heavens and earth display your majesty. Your amazing power is at work in every sunset and sunrise. You alone are God.

You are the defender. The Great Defender. Defend your church in these evil times. Yes! Your blood bought church. The Bride of Christ. The remnant. We stand rock solid. We will not be moved. Jehovah Nissi! Raise your banner of victory over your church.

Defend America and her President and Vice President. Protect them like a shield and keep them safe. Raise your banner of victory over this election. We call forth righteous leaders. Men and women who will stand up for freedom, integrity and morality. Rise up! Righteous mighty men and women of God. All across our land. Rise up!

We call out to you. Oh Lord! Save us from our enemies. The danger of death surrounds us. We see the evil. We sense the evil. Demonic waves sweep over our nation. We see the waves of destruction rolling around us. But we rise up with a song of deliverance. We rise up and we praise you in the middle of this crazy chaotic storm. We will not let the rocks cry out for us. We rise up. We dance. We sing. We stand on the Word of the Lord. We will not be moved!

We have called out to you. Elohim! In your holy temple you have heard our voice. Oh! Hallelujah! Then the earth trembled and shook. The foundations of the mountains rocked and quivered. God! You are in your holy place. And you hear our cries. Then the Lord thundered from the sky. And the voice of the Most High was heard. He shot his arrows and scattered his enemies. With flashes of lightning he sent them running!

Yes! Scatter our enemies from before our very eyes. Scatter them! Just one word from you Lord. Just one word! The Lord reached down from above and took hold of us. He pulled us out of the deep waters. He rescued us from our powerful enemies and from all those who hated us. Oh! Hallelujah!

The Word of the Lord will stand. The Word of Lord cannot be manipulated or moved. It stands rock solid. So do we. When the thunder crashes and the lightning strikes against our enemies. We stand secure. We will not be moved!

In Jesus name. Amen.

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