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The Bow in the Clouds


We cry out like the thief on the cross. Jesus! Thou Son of David have mercy on me! Thank you for your mercy and salvation to us who were once lost. And now we are found. We were once blind. And now we see!

We cry out for the lost in our land. They roam the streets angry and confused. They sit in powerful places in government in control. They sit in homes mesmerized by unclean scenes flashing across iPhones and tv screens. They sit in churches not knowing the fullness of the Cross or the plan of salvation.

O Lord. Send revival to the church. Forgive us for our apathy and complacency. Forgive us for sitting down instead of standing up for what is right. Send salvation to the land.

Forgive America for her sins. For the sin of abortion. For the sin of redefining marriage between man and woman. For sins too many to even list. We bow before the Holy One and like the thief on the cross we ask for your mercy.

We ask for mercy over the 2020 election. You gave us mercy in 2016. We humbly ask again for mercy and grace. We are weary of these incessant attacks on this President for the past four years. He must be weary too. Strengthen us. Strengthen him. It’s only by your divine grace and protection that he has survived every onslaught brought on by the enemy.

We are weary and over it all. Over the incessant covid lies and deception. Over the unending shutdown and phases of reopening. Over the utter hypocrisy of our elected government officials. Over fraud and corruption at every level. Over the terrorists roaming our streets. Over these mayors and governors that turn a blind eye.

But then I remember the bow in the cloud. When the bow is in the cloud, then I will look upon it, to remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth. Thank you Lord for the beautiful bow in the cloud. Oh! What a beautiful promise!

Thank you Lord for your promises. We sing to you! We sing out your promises. We remember the wonders you have performed. We remember your miracles. We remember the rulings you have given to your children and their descendants.

You stand by your covenant to a thousand generations. We are like the stars in the skies and sands by the sea and we are blessed! We praise you! O Covenant Maker!

Yahweh. We place all of these things in your strong, dependable and capable hands. We thank you in advance for the victory that is sure to come! You are the Lord our God. We will see your justice come to pass in the land.

We stand in hope. We stand in faith. We stand with our gaze upward. We look for the bow of promise in the sky.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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