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The Armor

Almighty God.

We put it on. We put on all the armor. Every single piece to fight fight fight against the wily wicked ways of the enemy. He is slinking around seeking to destroy people, prayer and praise. He uses every single device that he can. He plants seeds of division and strife. He wounds. He hurts. He scars. We rebuke you enemy! We fight against your evil strategies. In the name of Jesus.

We are not fighting people. We are not fighting names. We are not fighting political parties. We are not fighting races. We are not fighting churches. We aren’t even fighting the rioters. God of the Angel Armies come to our aid! We are fighting against the evil spirits rising over us and overtaking those around us. We are fighting against rebellious demons under the heavenly realms. They have invaded the earth and the nations. We declare! These demonic strongholds must come down. They must! They must come down!

In Jesus mighty name. We rebuke these evil spirits holding this world in dark bondage. We plead the blood of Jesus! We plead the blood of Jesus over America! Over the Nations. We plead the blood of Jesus over our cities and streets. Over innocent families and children. We plead the blood of Jesus! Come to us Jesus! Come oh come! Come and rise up over this demonic activity that has taken hold of our Nation.

Oh Mighty God. We put on every piece of your armor as we battle against these principalities and powers. We stand in triumph with your belt of truth for strength. We put on your holiness as a protective armor over our hearts. So we aren’t offended, hurt or wounded.We stand alert and ready to share the gospel of peace and hope.

Oh Merciful Father. People are dying and not just from covid. Depression and suicide are rampant. Protect our minds. Protect protect protect the minds of the children and teens. Innocent young lives are victims of this debauchery and the prison like chains from government tyranny. Snap the chains! Oh Lord of mercy and justice. Snap the chains! And hold these tyrannical people accountable for their despicable actions.

We wrap ourselves in your faith to withstand the onslaught of the enemy. We put salvation on our heads to protect us from the lies of the enemy. We take the razor sharp sword of the spoken Word of the Lord and fling it from our lips straight to the enemy’s ears! We fling the Sword of the Lord in his face. Get thee behind us satan! In Jesus mighty name! You are defeated!

We continually stand in the gap and pray without ceasing over America. Over this President and Vice President. Over the blood bought church. We stand up. We armor up. With our back up. We will not back down!

In Jesus name. Amen.


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