Supreme Justice!


We call for JUSTICE to be served! We call forth the JUSTICES to do their righteous and holy duty. We call for the righteousness and holiness of the Courts of Heaven to come down to the earth. Shine the light of your GLORY over our Supreme Court and dispel any and all darkness, compromise and evil doings. Let righteousness rise like the sun over the highest court in our land.

O LORD! You told the people of Sodom and Gomorrah you were SICK of their pompous parading in the courts. SICK of their pious meetings. SICK of their meaningless gifts. SICK of the blood of the innocents on their hands. SICK of their SINFUL AND FALSE celebrations. They were a burden to you. You could not STAND THEM then and you cannot stand them now. As it was then so it is now.

Yet in your mercy! You have spared a few of us. You have spared your remnant. We have cried out with repentance. We have called out to your HOLY name so that you would heal our land. The dark kingdoms of the earth howl in disgust at the TRUTH! They despise Jesus. They despise morality. But we are NOT moved by their antics. We are moved by YOU and you alone. We are moved by your WORD and you are moved by our FAITH.

We stand in the gap and rebuke these writhing demonic strongholds over America and the Nations of the earth! Their minions REFUSE to acknowledge evil. They embrace the dark side. But in Jesus name we rebuke their HOLD. Enemy! You have no PERMANENT hold on this land. It is NOT permanent. We declare the Word of the LORD that these temporary trials will pass and what the enemy meant for evil will be turned around and EXPOSED by the Hand of the Lord!

“Therefore, the Lord, the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, the Mighty One of Israel, says, “I will take revenge on my enemies and PAY BACK my foes! I will RAISE my fist against you. I will MELT you down and skim off your slag. I will remove all your impurities.

“Then I will give you GOOD JUDGES again and wise counselors like you used to have. Then Jerusalem will again be called the HOME OF JUSTICE AND THE FAITHFUL CITY.” Isaiah 1:24-26

We declare the faithful Word of the LORD over America! She will be a bright and shining star among the Nations. She will seek truth. She will seek justice. She will walk humbly. She will do good. She will defend the oppressed, the orphans and the widows. She will STAND UP FOR TRUTH AND JUSTICE!

“Zion will be restored by JUSTICE. Those who repent will be revived by righteousness. But rebels and sinners will be completely destroyed, and those who desert the Lord will be consumed.”

Isaiah‬ ‭1:27

So says the Word of the LORD! Amen!