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Strong and Courageous

Almighty Father.

Thank you for strength! You are the one who teaches us to battle. You are the one who gives us the weapons of our warfare. You are the Commander in Chief of the Lord’s Army! You are our High Counsel, our Mighty God and Everlasting Father! Selah.

We declare boldness and strength over the nation of America. Over the people. Over the President and Vice President. Over our city and state leaders. O Most High God. You! And you alone have given us this miraculous land. We the people! We the people of America. We the people of the church. We stand up in the face of this onslaught. We will not run and hide! We have come out of the caves. We are here to take back what is ours! We are strong. We are bold. We are courageous.

We declare to the demons in hell below and the strongholds over our heads! The Lion of the Tribe of Judah will prevail! He has given us our marching orders. Go through the camp and get your provisions ready! We will take possession of the land. We push back against this demonic insurrection against America. We declare you will not prevail. You will be plummeted down with the weapons of our warfare.

We take the land. The promises are mine. I claim them. The promises are ours. We claim them. The promises are for our children and our children’s children. We turn a deaf ear to the lying prophets of media. Expose every lie! Expose every deception! Expose every wicked and warped scheme of these left radicals. We deflate the evil balloons of socialism and marxism. We puncture their tires, paralyze their plans and prepare the way for restoration and revival!

We declare victory in the polls. In Jesus mighty name. We bind every evil attempt at scare tactics to the voters. We bind every every evil attempt of intimidation. We bind every evil attempt to hide or miscount votes. We bind every fraudulent thought or idea. We bind this on earth to be bound in heaven.

Truly! I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. We bind satan and his demonic minions. Lord of the Angel Armies. Loose your mighty warring angels against the evil one and his cohorts in crime. Loose the warring angels! Send your chariots of fire! Open the eyes of the anarchists and let them see the hosts of heaven standing at ready to take them down!

We stand bold and courageous in the face of the enemy. We stand bold in the face of this insidious covid virus and it’s spirit of fear. We bind it and cast it out! We declare this spirit of fear to be bound on earth to be bound in heaven. We declare the spirit of faith that we walk will arrest this spirit of fear. When we walk into the room, the demons will tremble at the presence of the Lord and fear will have to leave!

We declare holy boldness and courage come upon the church! We declare pastors to preach the fiery truth of the gospel. We declare the church to line up with the truth of the Word. We declare marriages to be blessed. We declare families to prosper. We declare business to succeed and our economy to soar!

We call forth life where the enemy seeks to destroy. We declaw the hands of Planned Parenthood. We defang the lies of their evil mouths. O Lord. Dry up their resources. Close them down! Open the eyes of the nurses, doctors and directors. We declare wicked abortion laws to be overturned. In the name of Jesus. We declare babies to be born. We call forth a tsunami of adoptions across this land!

We will not bend to this cancel culture, the demonic hordes in our streets or the corrupt media and politicians. We will bend our knee to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He alone is worthy of our allegiance. We stand bold! We stand strong! We take America back!

In Jesus mighty name. Amen.


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