Stop "Forced" Vaccinations

Sign the Petition by America's Frontline Doctors against medical discrimination and forced vaccinations!They are not "anit-vaxx" they are against coersion and "forced" vaccinations. They are attempting to take away more of our freedoms by limiting activities, events and airline travel if you are not vaccinated. This is a HUGE freedom stealing attempt. It is unConstitutional and against many religious beliefs.

Israel has already passed laws regarding this and citizens are considered "less than" or "second rate" if not vaccinated. We need to pray for the government of Israel and for protection over the people of Israel. Especially, the Christians who are opposed to this forced vaccine!

Here is the link These petitions are extremely quick and easy to fill out and send online. We can pray all day and all night. But if we never take any action then nothing ever gets done. We cannot sit IDLY by while the enemy seeks to devour our freedom from before our very eyes. We must OCCUPY until Jesus comes!

PRAYER DECLARATION: We declare that the enemy has NO hold on us - physcially or spiritually. We declare that this weapon will be removed from his hand by the powerful hand of the LORD. We declare release and relief over the people of Israel. We declare that the light of the GLORY of the LORD will reveal all things to their government and we rebuke the enemy from his grasp over the Israeli government. In Jesus name. Amen!

Just. Say. No.