Stay away from "Walmart" and "WELL"

First things first: Walmart.

As you know (or maybe don't know), Walmart is one of the BIG Monopolies that I am boycotting whenever possible. This goes back to our LIVE LOCAL campaign so we have less involvement with Big Government and Big Chain Stores that could care less about our freedom. LIVE LOCAL gives them less control over us.

So in my never ending quest to "stay the heck out of Walmart" it didn't work so well last week. Alas, my dad (who is in assisted living AND I haven't been able to visit for a year AND won't be able to visit since I will NOT be taking the "jab" and will NOT take a covid test EVERY 7 DAYS to be able to visit ... unbelievable) needed some stuff.

Anyway, I had to go to Walmart to pickup something that he wanted that only comes from Walmart (big sigh). As I was flying through the store I came across this little gem. Ugh. This is wrong in so many ways. I don't even want to get started on it. But I will say that they are ruining a generation of children. I guess I'll just leave it at that!

Second thing: WELL Health - Safety Seal

Have you heard of this? I guess this is an ad on TV. Not sure since I don't watch TV. I won't watch these perverts and these socially inept and arrogant Hollywood stars who think that we even care ONE DOT about what they think or do or say. They make me sick! Should I tell you how I really feel? LOL

WELL Health - Safety is now a "seal" that businesses will have to show they are "cleansed and sanitized" so you can feel safe. I am just howling and laughing. You just can't make this stuff up.

This special and profound "seal" proves that business meet the "global authority on healthy buildings". Oh no. The sky is falling. The sky is falling. Chicken Little get your rubber gloves and your hand sanitizer and your mask. AND only go into buildings with this WELL seal. I think NOT. I will take my money and business to the normal people and buildings

Another seal? Hmmm. Sure is a lot of talk about "marks and seals" and "forced" things. Sounds like end time stuff to me. Just sayin'.

This video is great by The Good Patriot. She's really into the 2nd Amendment and prepping, etc. and for good reason probably. She has some good ideas and is very entertaining! I may have posted other of her videos ... Just can't recall at this point ... It all runs together sometimes.

So what is going on here is that she interjects herself into the video with her comments and thoughts. It's the only reason I can even look at the rest of the "elites" who are so full of themselves and their wonderfulness.

It's not long and you will thoroughly enjoy it!

Keep up the good work Patriots!

Live Local! Pray a Lot!

Let Freedom Ring!