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Stand Your Ground!

Oh! Father of Light!

We are suited and armored up as we fight the gates of hell. Here we come enemy! Again and again and again. We push you back. Not by might. Not by power. But by the spirit of the living God. We. Stand. Our. Ground.

And not only that. We raise a hallelujah in the presence of our enemies. You have no hold. No hold. No hold over us. Just like Moses. We build an altar and call it Jehovah Nissi. The Lord is my banner. Ho! Enemy. We have something you can never have. We have a cloud of smoke. A pillar of fire. And the very presence of Almighty God. He will precede us in battle as we go forth with praises. Our God is mighty to save! Our God is mighty to heal! Our God is mighty to deliver!

We raise the banner of Jehovah Nissi over Washington DC this weekend. Over the White House. Over President Trump and Vice President Pence. We declare no harm will come. We build walls of protection around our National Monuments. Walls of protection against homes, churches and businesses. Walls of protection around the peaceful protestors. Walls over protection around police officer and national guards. Oh Merciful God. Protect their lives!

For the looters, rioters, shooters and all those of ill repute. You have no right. None. You have no reason. None. You have been deceived by the great deceiver. You have become his evil minions. We call down the cloud of smoke from the courts of heaven to protect and cover those in harm’s way. We say! The evil doers will lose sight of their marks and be thrown into total confusion.

Lord of the Angel Armies. Cloud their vision. Choke out their voices. Make any evil perpetrator feet like dead weights. Cause their hands to fall limp and their heads to hang low. Overwhelm them with their own chaos. Inflict their ears with the sound of trumpets blowing! Ho! Because we will be blowing the trumpets in Zion. We will be sounding the alarm on our holy mountains of prayer. Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm! Sound the alarm!

We call down the pillar of fire of the presence of the Lord. Fly fly fly from the heavenlies and assault the seducing spirits of hatred and rage hovering over Washington DC. We say! You will be consumed by the fire of the Lord. Blow their ashes with the winds of your presence and wipe them from the face of the earth. We declare the spirit of peace to reign over Washington DC. Reign reign reign down your peace, Oh Holy One.

In the mighty name of Jesus. We take our holy spotlight and shine the light of Jesus into the satanic meetings and rituals. Satan! The blood of Jesus is against you! The blood of Jesus is against you! The blood of Jesus is against you! Your wickedness will bring its own punishment upon you. Your hands are stained with the blood of the innocent. What sorrow awaits you. The judgment of the Lord is against you. The Lord will destroy you until not one of you is left. So speaks the Word of the Lord!

Merciful Father. We place all of these prayers and petitions at your feet. We lay our burdens down. You will sustain us in the battle. You will not let the righteous be shaken. We will not slip and fall. We. Stand. Our. Ground.

In Jesus name. Amen!


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