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Stand Firm

Almighty God.

We hold to your unchanging hand. We link arms. We follow the path of your feet. You will lead us where we need to go. You will instruct us with your life giving Word. We praise your name for who you are and what you have done. We shout for joy at the thought of your goodness and mercy.

We are like trees planted by the waters. Our roots grow deep. We will not be moved. We stand firm! We will not be intimidated. We stand firm! We will not be deceived. We stand firm! We will not be led around by the nose. We stand firm! We will not fear what they fear. We stand firm! We will not give into their demands. We stand firm!

We will be who we are called to be. Friends of God. The blood bought Bride of Christ. We have been set free! We have been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. We are the called and the chosen. We are one with Christ Jesus. He knows our name. He knows the very number of hairs on our heads. We are the just and we will stand, walk and live by faith!

We will stand firm and call out the rulers of darkness. In Jesus name. We will shine the light of Jesus in their evil faces. You are familiar with Jesus! Since he took the keys of death, hell and the grave from you. We call out these lying hypocrites spewing out their venomous words against everyone. No one is safe from their vitriolic attacks. We raise a shield of faith over America, the President and the Church. Rise up! Oh faith! Rise up ! We say again! We will not fear what they fear!

We are like trees planted by the waters. We are full of joy! We do not agree, believe or listen to the wicked or their wily ways. We do not walk in step with sinners. We do not join in with the scorners and mockers. We delight delight delight in the Word of the Lord. Oh! Yes we do! We are standing on the firm foundation of the Lord Most High.

We are deeply rooted in Him. Yes! Deeply rooted! We declare again! We will not be moved! We will bear fruit in this season since a mighty revival of restoration and salvation is coming to the land! Yes it is! The worthless wicked will be blown away like the chaff in the fields ripe for harvest. Yes they will! They will stand condemned at judgement. We will stand firm on the Word. We walk this godly route and the wicked will go the way of deadly destruction. So speaks the Word of the Lord!

We stand strong as mighty warriors of the God of the Angel Armies. We stand firm. We will not be moved!

In Jesus mighty name. So be it!

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