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Stand Against!

We declare the GLORY OF THE LORD over MARICOPA COUNTY! We are determined that TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL!

“Get up and prepare for action! Go out and tell them everything I tell you to say. DO NOT BE AFRAID of them, or I will make you look foolish in front of them. For see, today I HAVE MADE YOU STRONG like a fortified city that cannot be captured, like an iron pillar or a bronze wall.

“You will STAND AGAINST the whole land - the kings, officials, priests, and people of Judah. They will fight you, but THEY WILL FAIL.

“For I AM with you, and I WILL take care of you. I, the LORD, have spoken!”

‭‭Jeremiah‬ ‭1:17-19

O Hallelujah. Thank you LORD for your rock solid Word. You speak and IT IS SO! We were MADE for such a time as this. You have encouraged us. You have empowered us. You have equipped us. You have given us the victory!

Nothing Nothing Nothing can stand against us! Nothing can stand against America! Nothing can stand against your covenant with America! Nothing can stand against your covenant with your people! We declare! Nothing can stand against deception, lies and thievery!

We declare and decree! Nothing can stand against, come against or shut down the MARICOPA COUNTY audit. All their efforts will fail! We cover the audit with the blood of Jesus! We declare! Every evil plan will falter and fail. We declare! Every attempt at sabotage will fall to the ground. We declare these JUDGES will line up with the Word of God. In Jesus name. We call down the Courts of Heaven to REIGN OVER MARICOPA COUNTY!

We declare! Protection and safety over MARICOPA COUNTY. We declare that even as the sun rises, the Spirit of God is raising up a standard over MARICOPA COUNTY, over the teams conducting the audit, over the rangers and over the citizens. Cover them! Surround them! Open the floodgates of heaven until your presence swipes these spiritual enemies from the face of the earth!

“So shall they fear the NAME of the LORD from the west, and his GLORY from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” Isaiah 59:19

O Spirit of God!

Lift up the standard!

Lift up the standard!

Lift up the standard!

We declare NO WEAPON formed against MARICOPA COUNTY will succeed! We declare confusion will overtake the camp of the enemy! They will trip over themselves in fear! They will scatter sideways! They will RUN AWAY in fear of YAHWEH!

We stand on your Word. We will NOT be shaken by the winds, waves and flood waters of the enemy. We come into agreement as the Body of Christ. We will stand strong! We have been fortified and we will stand with LORD. We will STAND AGAINST!

In Jesus mighty name! Amen and amen.




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