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Spring up! O Well!


You search the earth. Your creation. Your created ones. Searching for those who call on your name. Oh Yahweh! You are The Lord of the earth and everything in it. The seas. The skies. The land. You are God. Jehovah. Spring up! Oh well of joy! Spring up! All across America today.

Yahweh! Move across this nation. Move across your creation. Move on mankind. Move toward us as we move toward you. Our hearts long for you in this dry and thirsty land. Spring up! Oh well. We need you. More of you, Jesus. More of your love. More of your compassion. Can we have hearts of compassion for the lost? For those doing such heinous crimes? For those doing foolish childish things? It’s so easy for us to condemn them. Can we love them? Can we be moved with the same compassion you are moved with? Spring up! Oh well of compassion.

Oh Jesus. Messiah. Savior. Yeshua. Come! Come to the riotous crowds. Be moved with compassion like in days of old. You fed the tired, hungry crowd. You worked a miracle then. We need you to work a miracle now in the hungry crowds. They don’t even know that which they hunger for. We are hungry for a move of God. Move on them! Our spirits cry out for you to move across America! Move on hearts and lives. Feed them the sweet manna of your spirit. Let revival break out in the streets. In the cities. In communities. In the church. Spring up! Oh well of salvation.

Come rushing rushing rushing to America. Healing come. Truth come. Joy come! Jesus come! Invade this nation with truth. Let it rise in government offices. Let truth prevail in courthouses. Let justice prevail throughout the land. Come in like a storm with thunder and lightning! Spring up! Oh well of truth and justice!

Blast away the lying spirit that has been set up over this Nation. Blast it away! Truth rise up! Blast away the spirit of rebellion. Blast it away! Blast away the spirit of greed! Blast it away! Spirit of fear! Hatred! Rage! Consider yourselves blasted away! Be gone! In the mighty name of Jesus. Clear the atmosphere of these demonic spirits. Blast your presence across the land and set the people free.

Yahweh. The Great I Am. Come to our land like in days of old. Come to our rescue. Redeem us from our oppressors. Set us free. Fill us with joy! Spring up! Oh well! All across America. Joy in the country lanes. Joy in the city streets. Spring up! Oh well of joy! Spring up! Joy flood over our President and Vice President. Yes! Come in like a river. We declare rushing waters of joy to swell swell swell around them. The joy of the Lord will be their strength. Joy flood the tired. Joy flood the weak. Joy flood the church. Joy flood our homes. A river of joy spring up! Spring up! Spring up! Spring up! Oh well of joy!

Yahweh. Lead us. Guide us. Cause your face to shine upon us. Cause us to smile! Cause us to laugh! Spring up! Oh well. Fill us with joy unspeakable and full of glory!

In Jesus name. Amen.

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