So were the Prophets wrong?

I don't think so. That's my humble opinion. Trump won. The election was stolen. God is not done with America! All is not lost!

I know there has been much confusion over the prophets and the 2020 election (that Trump won and it was stolen by the godless enemies). We don't always understand God's ways. He isn't through with America yet. He is still moving and shaking the earth. America is being shaken. The Nations are being shaken.

I am still standing strong and I believe with all of my heart, mind and soul that GOD is moving in our Nation. I believe that He is exposing the wicked and revealing truth. I believe we are at the brink of revival ... if we haven't already toppled over into the next Great Awakening! Revival is in the land! Revival is coming to the Nations of the earth!

So we keep praying and believing and trusting. We HOLD THE LINE! We will not bend to these demonic edicts. We do not condone this stolen election. We do not accept what is evil. What if someone stole your kids? Would you just say OK? We'll figure this out and work on it in two years or four years. I don't think so!

We will NOT bow to the tyranny of this fake administration sitting in the stolen or fake White House. We do not follow demonic edicts from a godless authority who has no power over us. We pray against evil! We do not condone evil! We do not condone thievery! We do not condone deception and will not no fall prey to the lies of the enemy and his minions. WE. WILL. NOT.

We will walk in the God given right of our liberty and freedom. Our freedom does not come from government. Our freedom comes from God.

Keep your eyes on Jesus. Stay in His Word. He is the author and the finisher of it all! Even this mess of a stolen election! He WILL work this out for our good. That's what He does.

Here is a link to an excellent blog post by Karen Hardin. She is a respected prophetic voice. It's a great read and she goes into much more detail than the few words I have penned here. If you need it, read it!

❤️ Cheryl