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Snap the Chains!


Can we just call it like we see it? Point blank. No mincing of our words. We know you see it. We know you shake your head at your creation. At the unfaithfulness of man. At the uncanny way the enemy manipulates man. Even in America with endless opportunities. People’s minds are being deceived.

Enemy! We see your schemes. You cause many to wander aimlessly with no hope. Some exiled in loneliness. Some exiled in offense. Some exiled in fear. Some exiled in hatred. Some exiled in greed. Some exiled as victims in their own minds. Some exiled to the past. Some exiled in revenge. Some exiled and don’t even know why.

We cry out. God help us! What a sad state of affairs for mankind. Imprisoned in chains of misery and rebellion. If it weren’t for your unfailing love and your unfailing Word. Oh Lord! We would hang our harps in the willow trees and cry rivers of tears by the rivers of Babylon. We would give up all hope.

Wonderful Savior. We don’t sit by the river. On no! We do not. We run to the river. The river of life. The river is deep and the river is wide. It is glorious. Glorious. Glorious. It covers us all. It is a life giving flow. Glory to God! A river whose streams make glad the city of our God. We jump in the river! Body, soul, mind and spirit. Cover us. Cover us. Cover us. Immerse us in your life giving flow. Strengthen us. Refresh us. Revive your people.

Now! We can declare! We will fight for America. We will fight for her on our knees. We will fight with our praise. We will cry out with our voices. We sling forth the sword of the Lord with our righteous mouths. We take the authority of Lion of the Tribe of Judah. We stand up in the face of the enemy. We sound the battle cry! SNAP THE CHAINS!

Blessed be the Rock of our Salvation! He who is able to save to the uttermost parts of the earth. Reach down and snap the chains off this young generation. Lost in a lie. Roaming the streets. Wandering lost and undone. Driven by hate and revenge. Deceived! Yes they are deceived. SNAP THE CHAINS! Pull off the masks! Pull off the blinders! Bring them to their right minds and to their knees. Merciful Savior. Save them from themselves. Save them from the fiery pit. Save their sin sick souls.

All across America. SNAP THE CHAINS! Snap the chains of socialism seeking to steal our freedoms. Steal our very lives and lock us down and shut us up and give us a check. Shut down the economy. Muzzle us. Scare us half to death. Then change their minds. Over and over. Infiltrating our hearts and minds with doom and gloom. Planting seeds of despair. God help us!

Barraging our screens with a torrent of death tolls and inaccurate counts. We are not all going to die by the hands of covid19. In Jesus name. We declare covid19 dead! It is done! We declare this sickly coup over our freedom dead dead dead. Enough is enough! We are Americans! We are free. You self centered, deceitful socialist reprobates. We bind you and cast you out. We declare it. Almighty God! SNAP THE CHAINS!

This lying spirit entrenched in the media. Yes! This lying spirit that has entwined itself in the media corporations. A cesspool of propaganda. They feed off each other like fish in a pond. They repeat the same words and phrases like puppets on a string. Oh Lord! Raise up a generation of truth tellers. That will rise above the fray and speak only truth. We bind this lying spirit and speak the voice of truth over it. Almighty God! SNAP THE CHAINS!

We bind these continuous assaults and accusations against President Trump. Confusion and chaos! Turn around and enter the midst of these angry, power hungry, revenge driven politicians. No more threats of impeachment. No more investigations. No more! SNAP THE CHAINS!

Enemy! We call you out. Again. You will not chain the wheelhouse of the American economy. No matter how the media and the left lie about it. No matter how much they try and manipulate it. Almighty God! SNAP THE CHAINS!

Almighty God! Remove the trap of division from our land! Remove the wedge being built up. Brick upon brick they plant these devious seeds of division. SNAP THE CHAINS! Enemy! You will not cram division down our throats and chain us to hatred and revenge. SNAP THE CHAINS!

Lord! Mighty in battle! Mighty to save! You are the Strong God! Lead us from this path of dark, deep gloom. Remove the chains of misery the enemy has wrapped around America. SNAP THE CHAINS! We will come out singing and everlasting joy will be upon our heads! We declare it!

In Jesus mighty name. So be it!


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