Send Us Revelation

Heavenly Father.

Oh! How we need you to reveal yourself. Send us revelation. Show us what to do. Show us what to say. Show us where to go. There is so much misguided and disingenuous information. So many scandalous lies. So much confusion being spread about so many things. Oh! Jesus! How we need your divine revelation. Shine the light on the murky troubled waters that swirl around our Nation.

Oh Lord! We declare common sense to rise up over the people of America. Rise up! Common sense! We declare it already rising! Give the people the courage to think on their own. Stop their confused wandering. Stop their fearful comings and goings. Strength and courage come upon Americans!

We rebuke this godless onslaught across our Nation. The godless spread lies about the virus. About the economy. About the President. About America. About the Church. About basically everything that has to do with anything. What an absolutely pitiful state of affairs these godless leaders have created. Shameful! Shameful! Shameful! In Jesus name. Again. We rebuke their lies and deceit.

Lord of the heavens and the earth! We will consider your ways and your words. We turn our face towards you. The godless can go pound salt. We focus our attention on you and dance to the tune of your revelation. In Jesus name! We declare the complacent church will change their focus to the commander of the Lord’s Army rather than bowing to commander of the cancel culture.

Jesus! Wise and wonderful counselor. Breathe your wisdom over us. Those who fear you will take heart and be glad. Oh yes! You have made us glad. Your decisions are right and true. You turn all things around for our good. Oh! Yes you do! We have learned and will continue to learn through these trials and tests. We will come out as pure refined gold! Shining for you!

We shout Hallelujah to the Lamb! What the enemy meant for evil you will turn it into good. We sing and dance to the tune of your divine revelation over us. We say! Let these fast talking tricksters be exposed for their fraud. We refuse refuse refuse to buy their bill of goods. These leaders of ill repute can just go on down the road of no return. Without us! We will follow Jesus. We will bring some folks with us! Open the floodgates of heaven and rain down salvation. Oh yes!

We will live by faith. We will live free. We will not bend. We will not bow. We will dance to the tune of the Lord’s revelation over us.

So be it!