Father in Heaven.

You paint the sky each morning. You bring the coolness to the hot humid air. You cause the breeze to caress our faces. You make the sun to shine each day. You chase away the shadows.

You give us good and perfect gifts. You give us the gift of your infallible Word. We stand rock solid on it during these shifting and changing times. We absorb your Word and we declare it back to you. Your words of life have the power to continually deliver us. Your words encourage and empower.

So Father in heaven. Let your kingdom come down to the earth. Come to America and cover our cities and streets. Come! Restore and revive our lives. Restore the economy. Restore some normalcy to the craziness that surrounds us. Restore your church to bring honor to your name once again.

Open up your pathways and highways of righteousness all across the land. Swipe away the darkness. Swipe away chaos and confusion. Swipe away fear and dread.

The enemy is scaring the living daylights out of people. He causes chaos and confusion. He can’t even make up his mind. He is fickle and despicable. We call him out! We rebuke his demonic, ever changing chameleon words.

The people have fallen prey to the fear mongering. Or they just don’t want to rock the boat. Almighty God full of power and might. Make us to be like Peter who jumped out of the boat. Full of courage to walk on the water and you saved him when he sank. But he had more faith and courage than the rest.

Restore our childlike faith. Give us courage to fight the good fight of faith! Replace the fear with faith and bring repentance and salvation. Send your glory down to us!

Restore common sense! Bring the people of the whole earth to their senses. They act like little lost sheep being led around by the nose. God help them! Wake them up! Shake them from their slumber and their almost catatonic state. Shake them! Wake them up! In Jesus name! Wake up!

Let faith arise! Let God arise and his enemies be scattered. Scatter them! Scatter them! Scatter them! We declare the Word of the Lord over the people of the earth!

Let God arise! Let His enemies be scattered. Let those also who hate Him flee before Him. As smoke is driven away so drive them away. As wax melts before the fire so let the wicked perish at the presence of God. So be it!

Arise O Mighty One! Scatter every enemy of this President. Every enemy of freedom. Every enemy of America. Every enemy of Israel and the Nations. Every enemy of the Church. Scatter them and send them stumbling and careening away. Scatter them like the sand on the windy shores by the sea.

O Lord of the Angel Armies. You will lead us in victory. You will march in front of your people. We will chase them down with the authority of the Lord. Our enemies will be subdued. Oh yes! We declare! Our enemies will be scattered and subdued!

Let God Arise!

So be it!