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Rejoice in the Harvest

Heavenly Father.

Strengthen your army! Strengthen your warriors! Strengthen us with your Word. Strengthen us from within. Fortify us with the Bread of Life. Quench our thirst with the life giving water from your fountain of life. Guide us with your words of instruction.

Open the spiritual eyes of your people. Those who are called by your name. Those who claim to know you. Pull the scales off so they can see clearly. Unclog the deaf ears that can’t hear the Word of the Lord. Come! Remove the Spirit of Fear that has encapsulated so much of the church. Shine the light of your truth!

O Lord of the Angel Armies. Come and break the yoke of slavery that has overtaken our Nation. This slavery of fear. We curse the Spirit of Fear. In Jesus name. Spirit of Fear you have no right and you have no place. We cast you down down down. We call forth faith to rise up! Rise up! Faith in the Lord of Lords and King of Kings arise!

Come! O Mighty One full of power and glory. Lift the heavy burden from our shoulders. Come! Break the oppressor’s rod. Break the rod of covid! Break the rod of domestic terrorism. Break the rod of any coups that attempt to form over America and President Trump.

We rise up as the mighty army of the Most High God. Warring against the enemy! We trample the plans of the enemy. We trample the plans of those set out against America. We trample every plot and plan against President Trump and Vice President Pence. We trample trample trample them to the dust under our feet.

We trample down the high places of corruption, human trafficking and moral perversion. We trample down the demonic strongholds placed over our educational system. We trample down these lying, fear mongering, elite government officials. We trample them down to the dust under our feet.

We trample down every fraudulent attempt to steal the election. We trample down mail-in voting. We trample down cheating, stealing and trashing of ballots. We trample down any type or form of intimidation at the polls. We trample this down to the dust under our feet.

We call for the polling locations to open. Open up! We push back against these mayors and governors shutting them down. We push back with the authority of the Lord. We call forth the people to go vote in person. We call forth the mighty hand of God to rise up and shine your holy light into any fraud, deceit or coverup. O Lord of the Angel Armies! Come and show up and show out over this entire election process.

We call forth and declare moral and righteous victory all across the land. We declare a harvest! We will divide the plunder! Oh yes! We will rejoice and declare freedom to ring all across the land.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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