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Father God!

Let the redeemed of the LORD say so. Whom He has redeemed from the hand of the enemy. O Hallelujah! We say so! We say we have been redeemed from this nightmare of an election and that victory is ours! The enemies hands will be tied and their mouths gagged. This coup will not succeed. O Lord! Rescue us from this distress, quench our thirst and fill our mouth with good things.

Loose your Spirit and send the Hosts of Heaven to save us. Lead us from this darkness and gloom. Snap the chains! Snap the chains! Snap the chains! You are the waymaker. The miracle worker. The chain breaker. The grave robber and the sea parter. We stand at this Red Sea moment and declare the miracle working power of God will drown out our enemies.

Listen up! You battleground states. You who are complicit in voter fraud. You who are complicit in selling out our Nation to China and globalist elites. You governors, mayors, elected officials and judges. Woe to you! You are a pit of vipers and the Lord will strike you down with his all consuming fire and burn you up like dross.

Lord of the Angel Armies. Send your spirit wind and blow across this Nation. Blow these criminals and crooks into the courtroom of truth and justice. We declare! You will be caught and prosecuted for your treasonous acts against America, President Trump and the American people! You will be judged with the judgement you deliver. You will reap what you have sown. Your lies will be turned back upon you. You will not prevail!

We declare that you will stagger and reel like drunkards. The Lord who is high and lifted up! He will change your rivers into deserts and your fruitful lands into salty wastelands. You will thirst but have no relief. You will be tossed and plunged into the depths of your lies and deception and will be filled with terror. So says the Word of the Lord!

Ho! The Lord will reach down to his beloved and calm the storms around us. He will bring us safely to the harbor of rest, unity and blessing. He will not suffer our feet to be moved. He will watch over us. He will protect us with his strong right hand. He will rescue us. He will redeem us. He will not slumber or sleep until JUSTICE has been served. And we will see in our history the unending faithfulness of the Father to us his children.

So be it! In Jesus name.


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