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Rebuke the Wind

Father God.

Thank you that you know my name. You know every hair on my head. You know every step my feet take. You know every tear my eyes cry. You know every time I bow my head. You know every time I lift my hand. You know every time I praise your name. You know every storm I go through. Yes! Thank you that you know my name.

You know everything about America. You know the good and the bad. You know the truth. You know the history. They can try to hide it. Ha! But the truth will be revealed. And it is being revealed. You know the wounds of every American. You know the pain. You know the grief. You know the sickness. You know the state of every sin sick soul. The lost. The hurting. The depressed. The confused. The angry. The deceived. You know it all. You see it all. You are e right in the middle of it all.

Oh Jesus! You were pierced for our transgressions. You were crushed for our iniquities. The punishment that brought our peace was on you. And by your wounds we are healed. Come be the healer in our nation today. Come make us whole again. Come make us new. Come take what is wrong and make it right. Bind us together with love. Love that cannot be broken. Love that conquers all.

We stand in the gap over this ever widening chasm across our nation. We cry out in the name of Jesus. We rebuke these winds of anarchy and tyranny running rampant. In the name of Jesus. We rebuke the lies of the devil swirling through our city streets. Even our churches! We rebuke these territorial spirits that have setup camp over American cities. We march around their sinister camps singing songs of deliverance! We pull down their strongholds. You must come down. Every intimidating, manipulative controlling spirit. You must come down in the mighty name of Jesus.

We pull down false prophets. We pull down false teachers. We pull down false apostles. We rebuke the false great awakening. Enemy! You’re a liar. In Jesus name. We declare the great awakening of the church of the living God. We will have no other gods before us. We will not bow down to this new false religion. It is a lie from the pit of hell. And we send it back from whence it came. We will not bow down to muzzled up demonic spirits seeking to destroy America. We will not bend a knee, a spirit or a heart. We say again! We will not bend. We will now bow. The blood bought church will bow only to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Jesus! Come rebuke the winds whipping up the waves around us. Come speak peace to the stormy seas. We will not be afraid. We will trust you. The master of the seas.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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