Really Weird News

It wears like a pig's nose. What? 😳

I think I've seen it all. I digress. This saying, "wear like a pig's nose" is on a sign my husband has in the garage. We've had it for years. It used to hang in our barn.

I immediately thought about it when I saw the "nose mask" article because these poor folks look like they're wearing pig snouts. This is scary and hilarious. It's wrong, mind boggling and disgusting in so many ways.

So, silly me, I was thinking these "nose masks" were a joke. They are not. Oh no they are not! I'm sorry (no I'm not) but this has reached such a state of lunacy with these masks that I find it hard to put it into words.

I said the other day that common sense has gone out the window with the bath water. Yes. It has gone out the window, over the river and through the woods to the loony bin (not to this Grandma's house).

At the beginning, one of the main points about mask wearing was DO NOT TOUCH them. Your fingers have germs. Have you seen how many times people touch and adjust their masks? And now we have food and drink all up in there. Blek! Folks then stuff them in pockets and purses. I've seen folks pull them out of side of the door.

I especially love the "hang them on the visor look" especially with food hanging off of them. Oh oh oh! And have you noticed the new trend? Face masks (or maski pads as I affectionately call them) on the ground. Just dropped and left.

So now, people are going to each and drink and get get gunk and junk all over them. And how can you eat and not breathe through your nose? And now we can't even smell our food because our nose is masquerading as a pig snout? This lunacy knows no end.

Satan Shoes!

The next really weird news is not weird. It is demonic. It is not funny. Nike has teamed up with a rapper and has come out with Satan Shoes. There is a drop of human blood included in the sole of the shoe. And they actually reference Luke 10:18 (I saw Satan falling from heaven) on the shoe.


Saints we need to PRAY for our Nation. We plead the BLOOD OF JESUS over every person that buys these shoes. We pray the convicting power of the Holy Ghost fall on them. We pray the presence of Almighty God protect the innocent from this satanic assault. O LORD protect this generation and the one coming behind from these demons. O LORD raise up a standard against this flood from the enemy.

We declare the enemy has NO HOLD on our teens and children. We declare the enemy is already defeated. We know the future of the enemy and he will be thrown down to the pit.

We declare freedom in Jesus. We declare we and our families are covered by the blood. We declare Jesus is the champion and he has already the defeated the devil, death, hell and the grave. Jesus is VICTORIOUS. We are VICTORIOUS. We WILL TRIUMPH over the enemy! In Jesus mighty name. Amen and Amen.