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Push back.

O LORD of the Angel Armies!

WE. PUSH. BACK. We are pushing back in the spiritual realm and watching manifestation happen in the physical realm. O Hallelujah!

“O God, we have heard it with our own ears - our ancestors have told us of all you did in their day, in days long ago: YOU DROVE OUT the pagan nations by your power and gave all the land to our ancestors.

Do it again O LORD of power and might!

“YOU CRUSHED their enemies and set our ancestors free.

Do it again O LORD mighty in battle!

“They did not conquer the land with their swords; it was not their own strong arm that gave them victory. It was YOUR right hand and STRONG arm and the BLINDING LIGHT FROM YOUR FACE that helped them, for you loved them.

“You are my King and my God. YOU COMMAND VICTORIES for Israel.

“Only by YOUR power can we push back our enemies; only in YOUR name can we trample our foes.” Psalms 44

WE PUSH BACK knowing the LORD will COMMAND VICTORY for us! Oh yes! He will command it! O Hallelujah!

We Push Back against these corporate elites. Holy Spirit visit them in their dreams. Show up in their offices and board rooms. They Need Jesus! They need freedom. They need love. They need salvation. Show Them Jesus! O convicting power of the Holy Ghost touch their hearts and minds until they are OVERCOME by your presence.

We Push Back against every crooked politician, public official and election official that fights against election fraud. We declare! You will NOT have your illegal way. We declare! Your works of darkness will be revealed for all the world to see. We call forth the manifest presence of God to visit every voting precinct where there is fraud. EXPOSE THE WICKED! We call forth truth to rise up so strong that they will have no choice but to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

We Push Back against this false, fake and phony administration. We Push Back against the House and the Senate and this entire kabuki theatre that is playing out before us. We declare their edicts will FAIL. We declare their mandates will FALL. We declare their communist plans for America are falling short even as we pray this prayer. We declare chaos and confusion in their camps. We declare division among their ranks.

We stand on the Word knowing ALL this is possible and coming to pass because of the burning brightness of our Glorious Savior’s face! His Word is immutable and infallible. He is the King immortal and invincible. Knowing who our Redeemer is - We Push Back! We Trample Down! And then we do it again and again. We will not give up, give in or give out.

We are the RELENTLESS REMNANT and the LORD of the Angel Armies is COMMANDING OUR VICTORY!

In Jesus name. So be it!



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