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Pure as Gold

Abba Father. You know all about us. Our comings and our goings. When we’re happy and when we’re sad. When we’re up and when we’re down. Yes. You know all about it. You are well acquainted with all of our ways. What a gracious, loving Father you are. We will listen to your instruction and store them in our hearts. We clean ourselves up before you. Help us to walk in your statutes, to stay on your path and to not veer off course.

Oh Lord. How happy we will be when our enemies are destroyed. Every single enemy against America and this President and his Administration. Against our history. Against the flag. Against the National Anthem. The wicked they come before us sneering and snarling. In the name of Jesus. We bind them with the Word of the Lord. We wield our sword in the face of the enemy. Almighty Lord. We cry out to you! Render them powerless! Yes! Render them powerless!

Restore us. Oh Mighty One. Restore our country. Restore our economy. Destroy the evil intentions of those fighting against economic recovery. Render them powerless! Destroy the evil intentions of those using covid19 for political gains. Render them powerless! Destroy this plague and it’s resulting problems. Render them powerless. Destroy the works of the enemy and his evil minions seeking to destroy the very fabric of America. Render them powerless!

Oh Father. We stay on your path. You know where it goes and where it will end. Because you are God alone! Come and do what only you want to do. You alone control our destinies. We treasure your Word like daily food. You are a precious treasure to us. We take delight in you. Oh Mighty One. We pray to you knowing full well that you will hear and answer our prayers. You will render our enemies powerless.

We will stand at the gates and rejoice in your strength and power. You alone are God! We will bow before your holiness and mercy. On the day that you render them powerless! Oh yes! Hallelujah! Oh what a day that will be when we see Jesus. And here he comes with the saints and his mighty chorus angels coming through the clouds! Oh what a day!

We wait for you. We will occupy until you render our enemies powerless. Place your highway of holiness before us and grant us peace. Take your refiner’s fire and make us gold.

In Jesus name. Amen.


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