Psalms 64 Decree. Day 12.

”O God, listen to my complaint. Protect my life from my enemies’ threats. Hide me from the plots of this evil mob, from this gang of wrongdoers.

“They sharpen their tongues like swords and aim their bitter words like arrows. They shoot from ambush at the innocent, attacking suddenly and fearlessly.

“They encourage each other to do evil and plan how to set their traps in secret. “Who will ever notice?” they ask.

“As they plot their crimes, they say, “We have devised the perfect plan!” Yes, the human heart and mind are cunning.”

But not too cunning for Our God! We see some “perfect plans”falling today. Resignations from two wolves in positions of power - New York and Arizona.

Thank you for answering our prayers. Thank you for scattering the enemy. Thank for sending chaos and confusion to the camp of the enemy. We beseech you, O Holy One, to call out and reveal more of the wicked and for their immediate removal. We beseech you for justice to prevail and righteousness to reign in America.

We decree!

“But God himself will shoot them with his arrows, suddenly striking them down.

“Their own tongues will ruin them, and all who see them will shake their heads in scorn.

“Then everyone will be afraid; they will proclaim the mighty acts of God and realize all the amazing things he does.

“The godly will rejoice in the LORD and find shelter in him. And those who do what is right will praise him.” Psalms‬ ‭64:1-10‬

O LORD. We rejoice when your righteous judgement and justice rules in the earth. Two strikes in one day against the enemy. Multiple strikes and gains today for the righteous! Truth is rising from The Heartland!

We call heaven down to South Dakota! O LORD of the Angel Armies. Send forth your Holy Hosts of Heaven and protect Mike Lindell and this team assembled in South Dakota. Let truth be revealed. Open up the airwaves for the people to hear and see.

Send Guardian Angels to surround their comings and their goings. Protect all their equipment and evidence. Protect their very lives, their livelihoods and their homes and families. Bless the work of their hands. Give them wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Give them the words to say and the people the ears to hear.

Holy Spirit! Move on all those attending and those watching online to be drawn to the truth. We call forth discernment. We call forth the Light of the LORD to rise up and his GLORY to surround and cover this Cyber Symposium.

Thank you for these courageous, bold men and women that are fighting for America. May we also do our part and not sit idly by and hope for the best.

We are all called to a purpose and a destiny. Help us to walk it out during these perilous but exciting times. Set our hands and feet to work and to action. You have called us to “occupy” until you come and that is what we will surely do!

In Jesus name. Amen.