Prayer in Chaos

Heavenly Father.

The heavens declare your glory. The sun and moon stand still in the sky watching your every move. The earth revolves around you. Made from the dust from beneath our feet. We are mere mortals. We live because of you. Our very life is in your hands. We breathe our praises out to you. Oh Lord! How great is your name in all the heavens and all the earth.

Oh! Gracious Father. In this time of great need. This time of dire circumstances. This time of violence, anger and injustice. This time of enemy forces setting up caimp in America and trying to form a coup. A time when church buildings have been closed and some still are forbidden to open. We grieve. It is a needful time in America. Nevertheless! The church is alive and well! On fire and bubbling over!

Even though the fig tree has no blossoms. And there are no grapes on the vine. Even though crops fail. Even though the fields are bare. Even though we don’t have all the answers. Even though our hearts melt like wax before us. Even though! We will rejoice in you! Oh God of our salvation. We have determined that we will be steadfast. Our faith firm. We have set the rhythm of our hearts to the beat of rejoicing. Selah!

Move across the deserts of hardened hearts all across America. Where there is hatred sow love. Where this is anger sow peace. Where there is confusion show clarity. Pierce our hearts with the flaming arrows of your love. Remove the pestilence and plagues from our land. The plague of covid19. The plague of racism. The plague of falsehoods, lies and deceit. The plague of control and greed.

We need an extraction all across America and all across the Nations. An extraction of immorality and injustice. An extraction of abortion. An extraction of evil influencers flooding our airwaves. Oh! Merciful Father. Remove what’s broken and replace it with the newness of a life in Christ.

Oh! Savior of the world! Send us your chariots of salvation. Save us from ourselves. Rescue the lost. Rescue your chosen and anointed ones. Crush the heads of the wicked and strip them from head to toe. Crush them with the whirlwind of your presence. Those that are set out to destroy the righteous. Strike them with disaster. All around. Strike them! Strike them and strengthen us. Yes! The joy of the Lord is our strength. Be the strength of President Trump. Be the strength of Vice President Pence. Be the strength of America. Be the strength of the Nations. Be the strength of Israel. Be the strength of your church.

We stand in awe and wonder beneath the brilliance of your skies. The sun and moon stand still. And so do we. Be the strength of our lives as we stand and soak in your glory. We declare! We will see the salvation of the Lord in the land.

In Jesus name. Amen.