What now?

❤️ Hello Mighty Warriors! ❤️

So what now? What do we do? First, peace over panic.Stop and take a breath. Pray and believe! Trust and obey! Don’t quit in the middle of the battle. Put on our Armor and stand in FAITH! It's not over!

Here’s our focus:

. Continue to pray for revival and awakening in the Church.

. Continue to pray for America and the Nations.

. Pray for our government leaders and for their salvation. I do NOT support the efforts to destroy truth, righteousness, justice and morality in America. I will not pray blessing upon evil hands and deeds.

. Pray against the strongholds setup over Washington DC and America.

. Pray continued guidance and protection over President Trump and his family.

May God continue to bless America. We believe for the miraculous. He is the God of miracles. That’s what He does. It’s not over!

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